30 by 29: Week 5

Another week has come and gone, and this one was doozy.Let’s see how it went….


(Goal is to lose 30lbs by my 29th birthday on July 16th)

I had a lot of stressors this week, and they all seemed to hit on Wednesday: baby passed away in the unit, 3 hours of sleep, watching my twin neice and nephew, and more issues with my home/talking to the police. Yep. That all happened tuesday into Wendesday.

But considering I REALLY could have just said screw it, and ate crappy and didn’t workout and just went back to my old habits, I stuck with it, and I am so glad I did because this is when it truly tests how I am doing with my progress. It is easy on easy weeks, but weeks like this will show my true colors.

Week 5: 0 lost

TOTAL DOWN: 3 1/2lbs

I am feeling great this week, I just wished that I was losing. My goal of 30 by July would put me at losing 2 lbs this week, and so now I am off the goal. Which frustrates me, but at least I didn’t gain and at least I am 3 1/2 lbs lighter than at the beginning of the month. This week is GO TIME!


Nutrition:  Great

Considering the stress, I didn’t turn to food. I do think I need to track better. There were a few days I didn’t.


Workouts: Not too shabby

  • Saturday: 60 min spin
  • Sunday:  off day
  • Monday:  12 hour shift
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 60  min spin
  • Thursday: testing day 😦
  • Friday: 20 min elliptical + rowing workout

Not as bad as I thought.Got three pretty great workouts in. I just wished that darn testing day wasn’t on Thursday. I wasn’t able to take the class because of it. Oh well. And I will be sharing my rowing workout tomorrow!


Sleep quality and duration:  EEK

This is defiantly the area I need to work on this week. I need to set that 10pm bedtime again!


How I was feeling: 

Wednesday I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily with some good workouts and sleep, I was able to pull it together after that.


Things I did well: Workouts and eats.

Things I need to work on: sleep and weight lose!!!!


Run over to Angela and check out how she is doing ! She is also working on losing 30lbs!

Question for you:

How was your week?

How do you exercise when it is so cold and all you want to do is stay bundled?

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