Crossfit Rowing Workout

This past week, my gym purchased FOUR rowing machines. And they are awesome! I have tried a rowing machine before, but that was probably 6 years ago. The past few times at the gym, I have used it only for ten minutes and the next day felt it in my abs and arms!

This past Friday, I made my own crossfit workout, which was really quite fun!

crossfit rowing workout

I used 15lb weights for these


Here  are the seated twists, if anyone was wondering. I lifted my feet off the ground. And donkey kicks.

Next time, I want to time each set, and try to get faster with each round 🙂

Question for you:

Have you ever tried a rowing machine? Like them, or not so much?

5 thoughts on “Crossfit Rowing Workout”

  1. I actually love rowing. There for a while I’d row a few thousand meters after my class…then one day mountain climbers aggravated my adductor/groin and rowing bothers it now…so I’ve just got to wait for that to calm down then back to the rower I go! I love that it is a full body cardio workout. I prefer to try to go longer distances rather than go faster. In class we go hard for short distance. Then I want to throw up. My longest is 5k! 🙂 Have fun with it! Glad you found another thing you enjoy!!!

  2. I love rowing machines, but my gym doesn’t have one :(. I wish we did! I’ve used them in crossfit workouts and my last gym had them, so I did them as a cross training exercise when I wasn’t running. It’s definitely a great full body workout!

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