Throwback Thursday

I just got home from work, and have a lot to update you on tomorrow, but tonight we will keep it light and happy 🙂 Tonight we have a Throwback Thursday picture that makes me smile.

This is me and my cousin when we were about 20 months old or so.

20140202_185606Love my green velvet dress 😉


THings to share:

Chocolate chip cookie dough mug muffin by My little jar of spices (paleo)

14 bite sized valentines day desserts by Lean green bean (not paleo)

Paleo Valentine’s Treats by Oh Snap Lets Eat


Why we need more magnesium by Healy Real Food Vegetarian

plank workout by Spin Run Repeat


Of course there is this cute picture of Mr Bubbles, one of the cats we adopted.


Now, I know what he does when we aren’t home haha

Question for you:

What do you think your pets do when you are gone?

Are you watching the Olympics?

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. I am watching, I know people are boycotting but our athletes worked hard to get there and they cannot help the situation in sochi and that these are the Olympics they worked so hard to get to. BTW, your taking it back picture took it really far back! I like that!

  2. I’m sure that my crated dogs sleep when I’m gone, dreaming about all of the mischief they will do when they get out! They are awful when we get home!!! 🙂
    Love the old picture! I’ve got to dig some out soon…I’m sure I’ve got some here from my mom…
    I’m not much of a winter Olympic watcher, I’ll watch if my kids watch or if there is “feel good” story that develops. My girls love watching the “curling” and I’m always up for a hockey game no matter who is playing!!!

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