Rowing workout #2

The past week or so, I have been in LOVE with the rowing machine at the gym. And the great thing about it, is each day I feel a different body area that gets sore from rowing! This week, my back was feeling it! That is why I made this workout, so that I will strength my back AND my abs.

I know that somedays, my abs are mighty weak and I can feel it in my back. I also know that at work I can slouch over the computer, so I want to get those muscles working!

crossfit rowing 2

I was feeling this workout and sweaty at the end. That is 24 minutes of rowing! So for each 1250m row took me about 6 minutes. It broke up the workout, because I COULD NOT row for 24minutes straight (at least, not yet!)

Question for you:

Do you feel that you have strong abs?

What is your favorite ab workout?

10 thoughts on “Rowing workout #2”

  1. I haaaaate rowing! So much! I’ve gotten better over the years and can manage a 500m row fairly easily, but we had to do a 2000m row the other day and I was completely miserable. I’d rather run 5 miles than row 2000m. I get SO tired on it!

  2. As you know, I love rowing. Working my way back up to 5k after taking some time off due to a strained adductor…I do believe that it works my entire body. I do still enjoy running, just shorter distances now, though. Can’t wait until the weather breaks and we can do running in our workouts at the gym again!!!

  3. I have weak abs also. My favorite ab workout is running, rowing, deadlifting (lower back mostly but also core), and squating. Oh you were expecting crunches? Nope! All those things really work your abs too!

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