Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet 2014

Andrew and I had a really busy weekend, and even though we ran around for most of it, we had an amazing Saturday night with his boy scout pack celebrating with their Blue and Gold Ceremony


We first started out at church, and then ended to school for awards. Andrew received several for volunteering, sports, and other adventures


Then for the pinewood derby, he won the judges award “Leader of the Pack”

DSCN0352b DSCN0357b

The final entertainment was nitro Joe who talked to all the kids about science and talked to the kids for over an hour, with lots of different tricks and information.


This picture makes it look like Andrew is blowing out steam from his mouth haha


We had a great night together and I know that these nights are always going to be special. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy these moments, instead of thinking of the next thing on the TO DO list or where we need to be and how to get there. Time to slow down, and enjoy Andrew as a kiddo

Question for you:

Were you a boy scout/girl scout?

Do you find yourself needing to slow down and enjoying life instead of running all the time?

1 thought on “Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet 2014”

  1. I was a girlscout until about 5th grade. My oldest is in 8th grade and she is still a girlscout. (Yes, I have 6 cases of cookies in the back of my truck!)
    I am the Queen of rushing from one activity to another. I have been getting better at “relishing the moment” with them at their events. We recently had our Last 3rd Grade Musical…sometimes after having done some things so many times with the other girls it becomes no so special, but I have to remember it is their first time, and then I try to view things with “new eyes”. It’s hard though when I’m so busy, but I’m getting better!

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