When the instructor really matters

For the past few weeks, I have really started to love spin class. Our gym has many different classes, with multiple instructors, which has been great! unfortunately, this last week I had a HORRIBLE instructor fill in for another.  I think she was flustered, but it never improved…..


Some things that I like about class:

  • music
  • people dancing, singing
  • kept up with girl next to me


  • didnt use the mic. had no idea what she said
  • spinning fast when it was slow part of a song
  • instructor was sore, she was slow spinning the whole time
  • stayed in one position or speed for long periods

I know this makes me sound like a complete snob! But the whole time, I was thinking how ridiculous the class was. The only reason I got an OK workout, was because I followed the girl next to me. I realize most my “likes” were not based on her….I usually will pick up my pace depending on the instructor, or the cadence of the music.  I felt bad for her, because it is hard coming into a new class, but the actually spin part was bad too.  This morning, I headed to another class with a great instructor. She had great music, and even had us pretend we were in the Olympics, racing eachother. Made the class go by SO fast. I left with sore legs and a sweaty face. Just the way I like it. hahaha


Today, I needed to bake, and decided on some awesome banana bread. No wasted bananas around here


I put alittle almond butter and grass fed butter. YUM 🙂

Question for you:

Do you have preferences for how your workouts go?

What do you listen to when you workout?

4 thoughts on “When the instructor really matters”

  1. I actually have some ripe bananas I need to use up too. Thanks for this reminder.

    I agree and think that in classes an instructor always matters. There will be an instructor for everyone. Some get along better with others and if you’re not happy there is no need to waste time at class.

  2. As much as I do not enjoy spin, when I did take a few classes my friend was the instructor. She was amazing. If there was a dud of one, there is no way I’d be able to do the class! Spin is so hard that you need someone to get you through it! Hope that the rest of your week has better instructors!

  3. I could write a novel about this! I go to a lot of classes at my gym (and my old gyms) and there are a few wonderful instructors and whole lot of bad ones. I understand it is hard to teach a class but basic things like calling out instructions shouldn’t be an issue!

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