Random Thursday

Today I feel like this post might be a bit all over the place, but I wanted to pass a few articles and recipes I have found the past week 🙂

First up, Andrew and I went bowling on a cold day for another mom and me evening. Or names were Bobby Junior and Queen Kristen haha

140217_003 140217_002


Today, I had another test for my tummy issues. I promise to update you all soon. This morning was a CT scan, and hopefully we get the results in the next few days 🙂


After my test, I met up with Arthur, the guy I have been dating the past month, for lunch. I think he needs a nickname for the blog, what do you guys think? haha


nope. that bread is not mine


Now for the articles and recipes, And not all paleo!!! win.win. haha


Question for you:

What nickname should we have for Arthur? haha

Have you read anything great recently, or any new recipes?

4 thoughts on “Random Thursday”

  1. Oh! I like Lancelot! How about Sir Lancelot!?!?
    I love when you post about the fun stuff you do with Andrew. Gives me great ideas (not that I ever do any, but I’ve got lots of ideas if I ever do!!!)
    Have a wonderful week…sleep well…eat well and be strong!!!

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