Challenge 30 by 29: Week 8

~week 8 in the weight lose challenge~

(Goal is to lose 30lbs by my 29th birthday on July 16th)

Week 8: UP


Well apparently the scale said I am up 4 lbs, and even though my jeans felt a smidge tighter, I don’t believe that number completely. I am moving on from it. I just don’t know if getting GI tests, and trying to lose weight is going to work at the same time haha


Nutrition:  Good

Besides another test, were I had to be NPO after midnight and then drink a bunch of contrast. My stomach hates me after that stuff. Can’t wait till we find out whats going on.

Today at work, the girls had cookies, cupcakes, puppy chow (my weakness), and candy all for a  birthday party. I didn’t have a single piece (even though they were trying hard otherwise). I felt very strong after this 🙂


Workouts: Good

  • Saturday: Spin class
  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: Spin class
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 12 hour shift
  • Thursday: Spin class
  • Friday: 12 hour shift

I did great with the cardio workouts but Tiffany reminded me that I need more weight work! So this week I need to find some weight workouts for the gym. Also this Tuesday and Thursday I am off work, and have my weight classes to go too 🙂


Sleep quality and duration:  Good

I defiantly have this covered. need to work on distressing haha


How I was feeling: overwhelmed

just a lot going on.


Things I did well: Eats

Things I need to work on: weight lose and more weight workouts

So need to get more weights in the workouts, less cardio. And try to distress. As of right now, I do not have a GI test for next week haha. So I won’t have any days were my body is shocked. Time to get this weight off!!!!


Go over to Angela’s blog ! She is working on losing 30lb by her 30th bday 🙂

4 thoughts on “Challenge 30 by 29: Week 8”

  1. I think you should definitely focus on the GI issues right now rather than losing weight. It’s hard enough on your system having to fast for tests, then of course eating after the tests, and you throw things like work, sleep, life, etc in there. After my marathon, people told me not to look at the scale, but I did.. and I was up, probably due to inflammation. A lot of stuff goes into the numbers on the scale AND how your clothes feel that you really can’t control, and some of the drugs you’re taking for the tests, etc, could be affecting it. Just my thoughts… but I don’t blame you to try to eat healthy and to refuse a lot of the sweet stuff. It’s okay to indulge but only if it’s something really GOOD and not eating just because the food is there, you know.

  2. This week is not looking good for the gym for me and last week was absolutely awful. Never enough time! This week, I’m avoiding the gym because pains in my upper back, shoulders, left arm, and left foot are telling me that I’m out of alignment again. I’m going to the chiropractor on Wednesday and hopefully I can get back to exercise after that. I don’t want to re-injure my foot! Man, I feel old lately!

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