New fitbit :)

A week or so ago, I received an AMAZING gift from Angela!


She had purchased a new fit to record her steps, calories, and sleep, and she sent me her old fitbit! I was thrilled. I have heard great things about them, and even have a few friends at work that will wear them.


I started wearing it just a few days ago, and while at home, I hardly get ANY steps. I get a lot done, but even working on the house, I don’t get many steps.


On Saturday, while working a 12 hour shift, I had a totally different result. (you can see in the steps and distance)

activities (2)

It was even a pretty slow day at work, but my steps were almost 8,000~

I am not so sure if the calories burned really add up, but it is defiantly motivation to get more movement throughout the day!

activities (3)

Sunday, I worked around the house (even deep cleaning the oven and refrigerator) but it doesn’t look like I moved as much as I thought. I will still be wearing this. and it can also sync up with my account, so I can get calorie diffs and all!

Question for you:

Do you or have you ever used a fitbit or something similar?

6 thoughts on “New fitbit :)”

  1. Nice! What a fun gadget…I’m sure that you’ll start to ‘compete’ with yourself to see if you can hit a certain number and then do something by the end of the day so that you hit it…Have fun! I only have a HRM and a Garmin as my exercise gadgets. Use my HRM everyday at the gym and record the calories burned with my workout in my journal. Some days it surprises me, though. I think that it was a tough workout and the cal burn is low! Then I just need to work harder the next day…

    1. Hey girl! What HRM do you use? I was using my Garmin with the strap but the strap drops out a lot so I never get an accurate calorie burn (when you are mid Zumba song and your HRM says 85 beats per minute…). I’ve been thinking about getting a dedicated HRM for classes and giving my Garmin a break!

  2. It is sooooo hard to get steps if you don’t leave the house. We have about 900 square feet and there is only so much you can walk around that small area! Yesterday, I food prepped for 3 and a half hours so I tracked that (no walking so it assumes I’m sitting). It gave me an extra 100 calories!

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