Back after surgery!

Hi everyone!!!

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted. It has been a LONNNGGG couple of weeks, because a week and a half ago, I had a partial nephrectomy.

Life has had its ups and downs. But today, I can finally say I am feeling better. Last I talked about my MRI results, and how quickly surgery came up.


Well march 7th, was the day. My parents and I arrived at the hospital at 7am for surgery at 9.

DSCN0474 DSCN0475

We waited for just a bit before going to the preop area. Here I changed into a gown, got an IV, and signed consent. I had an amazing nurse during this time. I didn’t have any major breakdowns, but I was starting to get nervous.

Then around 9:45, I said goodbye to my parents and headed back to the OR. This is when I started to get some nerves. I had a great OR nurse and nurse anesthetist who I think could sense it. They tried to calm me down by talking, but the tears started coming. Luckily, the meds took effect quickly.

For the next few hours, my family and friends waited to hear. I was then taken to postop care. Where I had another great nurse! My blood counts were a little low. So I stayed there for awhile to make sure everything was ok. And luckily, it was!

The next few days were a pain. literally.

140307_006 140307_007 140307_009 140307_008

(these pictures were taken when I was feeling better on sunday)

Then on Sunday, I came home. My parents, family, and friends have been amazing. I have no idea how I would have taken care of myself, or Andrew that first week.

I even received Get Well Cards for all of Andrew’s friends in 3rd grade. They were so sweet!


I can not explain how blessed I feel to have everyone send well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. It has been a trying few weeks, but these have kept me going. I hope to be able to keep blogging, keep you guys updated, but some days my energy does not exist. My pain is a million times better, and I will take it day by day 🙂

The next few weeks, I will have to take it easy. more to come and I promise not to stay away so long 🙂


6 thoughts on “Back after surgery!”

  1. Love the cards! How cute! Stay lazy when you need to be and rest so that you can get your energy back up. Take your time…remember slow and steady wins the race! Hugs to you!

  2. Glad to read an update from you and learn that everything went well with the surgery. Definitely keep us posted on any other developments, and take care of yourself *hugs*. Your recovery, health, and happiness matter more than blog posts or responses right now.

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