Home Sweet Home

Over the past few weeks, Andrew and I have been staying with my parents at their home. Which is just a mile or so from my home. This weekend, we moved back


I am not sure where all this stuff came from! haha

I don’t think my parents cat wanted us to leave


Of course, our cats seemed to be doing just fine without us.


YEP. That is Mr Bubbles drinking from the dripping shower

After moving and unpacking yesterday, and then errands today, I was beat. I tried to relax, but not as easy when I am all by myself.


Tomorrow, I have a follow up appointment with my surgery, so hopefully I will have lots of good news then 🙂

Question for you:

How many times have you moved?

How far away do your parents live?


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. I’ve moved more times than I’d like to remember! After college I moved to MD, then I moved to NC, then to CA then to NJ. Since I’ve been in NJ I’ve lived in 5 different places! My parents are still in my hometown in NY and they are about 3 hours away…we don’t see them nearly as much as I would like. They live next door to the home I grew up in, so it’s different, but sort of the same going back home.
    Glad you are home! I’m sure that you’ll get into a groove of rest/activity now that your in your own space again.
    Can’t wait to hear about your appointment and sending you more healing thoughts!!!

  2. My parents live a little over 100 miles away. I still don’t see em a ton, they don’t visit much :(. I think they expect me to visit them but I just bought a house and would really prefer they visit me… after all I am in Charleston here :). I’ve moved a bunch of times but it depends on how you count, so if you count cities, I’ve lived in 4 different ones (but several different residences… the joys of apartments). Glad you guys are back home and hopefully the appointment goes well!

  3. Hahaha, I can see my parents’ house from where I sit if I lean back a little and look out the window. We live in their in-law/pool house (haha, sounds so fancy right? Until you realize it is a remodeled chicken coop!)

    And just ask Rob about moving! (Since he has helped almost every time!!) While I have always “lived” at the same house as now, I moved for college, and then home, and then to Brooklyn for a year, and then home, and then moved in with Rob, and then *we* moved “home” (in the house), and then across the driveway (in-law house), and then I had the apartment in Delaware for a while for school. I’m thinking if next year’s school schedule is too crazy, I might rent a little place up there but I’m thinking about just a room, already furnished so it’s not really “moving”. Phew!

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