Cupcakes have healing powers

I received one of the most DELICIOUS cupcakes from a friend this past week


It was straight from Pint Size Bakery here in South City. It is a local shop with lots of yummy food for breakfast, a small treat, and coffee.


A small bakery that prides itself on using local products, and baking for the season. They bake in small batches to provide everything fresh and warm, also to help decrease the amount of wasted food. But there shouldn’t be too much waste from what I hear! There is usually a line every Saturday for their famous salted-caramel croissants. holy yum!

The cupcake I received was just the right amount of sweet, but not TOO sweet (if you know what  I mean)

pint size bakery

I would definitely recommend them if you are in the St Louis area!

Now to find that croissant…….haha

Question for you:

Do you have a local bakery coffee shop you love?

– I have to say my all time favorite is Mike’s pastry shop, but it’s all the way in Frankfort, Michigan 😦

(I believe it is now called Crescent Bakery, but my family still calls it Mike’s. We have been for over ten years, why change now haha)

5 thoughts on “Cupcakes have healing powers”

  1. I do believe that cupcakes are magic…a very good friend of mine who is a political scientist and studies urban development wrote a paper that was published about cupcake bakeries in NYC and how there was a “cupcake” effect on urban development. I thought it was a funny topic, but she was very serious…magic. pure magic.

  2. We have a local cupcake place called Cupcake Down South. It’s delicious! We also have some good local donut places too. Really in Charleston, there’s a ton of great food and probably why I run so much. I think sometimes it’s great to have a cupcake and food does have healing powers :).

  3. Yum!!! I just found out that a cupcake place right by my train stop won Cupcake Wars a while back. I have tried and they are pretty darn good but my all time favorite was the Vanilla Cupcake from Sprinkles in Georgetown (DC). Who knew you could make a simple flavor taste so good?

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