Hitting a bump in the road

Well it’s been a bumpy week. I am now finally able to lift my head off the pillow without the room spinning for a good 5 minutes, so this will be fast! haha

Two weeks ago, I was feeling great! I was trying to get out and about, and may have overdone it. Last week, I pinched a nerve in my neck. This was sending shooting pains down my arm and back. While dealing with that, I was hit with the GI bug that has lingered for a few days now.

It has been a very difficult few days. I keep saying “I just want to feel well!” I want to be able to do laundry,or take Andrew to school. I hate that I am missing things with him. He asked if I could play basketball, and can barely make breakfast without getting lightheaded.

The amazing thing the past week, is how grown up Andrew is! When I was I sick all night, he helped make his breakfast, his lunch, and got himself all ready for school. Makes a momma proud 🙂

I am also excited that in just two weeks I will be back to work! I miss my friends at work and the babies! (just not sure how those 12 hour shifts are going to work….)

But before that, my younger brother will be getting married! I still can not believe it, but could not be more excited for this.

So I have A LOT to look forward to these next weeks, even though  had to vent a little. Hey, recovery is not ALL about the good. Now I just have to rest and GET BETTER!

Off to bed~

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