Healthy Living: Week Two

The end of the week has definitely turned out better than the beginning! getting hit with the GI bug while have a pinched nerve was a big blow. I was not handling it very well. I think I am just SO over being sick. I would pay MONEY to feel good and have a sweaty workout haha. But I took it easy, and had MANY days of just laying on the couch. It payed off, and my stomach is doing great, and the pinched nerve only bothers me when I’m sleeping (maybe a new pillow??)

~Healthy Eats~


Finally eating real food, and tomorrow I will have a yummy Easter treat 🙂

~Healthy Activity~

Only two small bike rides with Andrew. Getting well was my only goal this week 🙂

In getting well, I used a Groupon that was going to expire next month for a massage! It was exactly what I needed


~Healthy Home~

Small projects make me happy. A new Spring Wreath


Articles I am loving this week:

Sorry no new info this week! I am just now catching up. I read my favorites first 😉 So I should have some good ones next week


Question for you:

What did you do that was “healthy” this week?

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