Easter Brunch 2014

Easter this year was pretty amazing! Great weather, great family, great food. I think this year was also pretty special. Not only was I diagnosed with kidney cancer, but my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer (the same day I had surgery) Needless to say, our family had a great time just being with each other, laughing, and bonding 🙂


Andrew and I started our morning with a small egg hunt and his Easter basket.


(He got a watch, a new book, a airplane toy, and a few small treats)

Then an Easter breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and bacon

DSCN0652 DSCN0653

Even Andrew’s new friend joined us 🙂


We then headed to my aunt and uncle’s house for brunch. With our delicious treats with us

Then it was time for the egg hunt


They got them all within a few minutes


Not too shabby


A great day 🙂 Andrew and I then went home and went on a small bike ride. I am in love with this weather!

Question for you:

How was your weekend?



3 thoughts on “Easter Brunch 2014”

  1. Andrew’s Easter basket looks like mine always did. Some treats and a small toy or two. I think it is crazy when I see people post on Instagram, FB, twitter, etc. with these giant baskets that are overflowing with toys (and more toys on the side). I like Easter because it is time I get to spend with my family without worrying about going over the top (with gifts, parties, etc.). My favorite holiday!

  2. What a wonderful day! Love that chicken! Our baskets are on the small side too. Not too much candy and a small toy as well…such a fun day!

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