Commercial workout + T25

Happy Monday everyone!



I know that I have been missing for the past few days, only for happy reasons. My brother got married! Last week was a whirlwind, and I promise this week for LOTS Of pictures and stories.

Today though, I want to talk about me 🙂 I have been struggling a lot lately with my eats, workouts, and weight. My neck and pinched nerve are finally better, and I’m ready to get strong.



I weighed myself this morning after weeks of carbs, no workouts, and stresses, and it wasn’t pretty. LUCKLY, I got an AMAZING text from Angela about our new workout plan and keeping each other accountable. She brought my spirits up, and I was ready to attack the day!

My eats were in check, except for a few reese’s, my eats were clean:)

I also dusted off my 10lb weights, and did some short workouts during commercials.


I repeated this during Dancing with the Stars commercials

commerical workout

So the plan Angela and I have been talking about, T25!!! I will get the 10 minute workouts wednesday, and will get the 25 minute workouts soon. Angela is starting with the 25. But I plan on updating you all on Thursday when I start them 🙂  I know that I need to start slow so I don’t get hurt. But I am ready to feel strong again, even if I don’t lose a lb, I want my muscles!!!

stay tuned each monday…..

Question for you:

Have you ever tried crossfit, insanity, P90x, or T25?


5 thoughts on “Commercial workout + T25”

  1. I really like T25. It’s the perfect about of time and the workouts are hard but not impossible. I have two more weeks of ‘easy’ exercise because of leg surgery but after that I’m so starting T25 back up. I love the sore muscle feeling the next morning after a good workout.

    I found this amazing website / recipe and thought you would really like – it’s grain free and paleo diet . I plan on making them this weekend.

    1. let me know if you want to join me and angela once you start T25 back up! I feel that the more people there are helping and encouraging the better! I hope you recovery is going well 🙂 and thank you for the website! checking it out now

  2. I’ve never done T25 or P90x but I’ve heard good things about them. I would definitely give it a shot. T25 is interesting because I like that it’s short enough for days when people don’t have a ton of time to work out, but also short so that you could possibly include a run in there too. My friend loves the Shaun T programs and swears by that and Insanity.

    Good luck with your workouts! I think you just have to find when the time is right for you to start back and do it, even just short things like 10 minutes. Don’t regret not working out, or not eating paleo, etc. You were letting your body heal and giving it the rest and carbs it needed to do that. And it’s so awesome you have a friend supporting you and keeping you accountable too!

  3. Yeeah! I can’t wait! I am a little scared of the 25 minutes but I feel like I should just jump right in. My ankle has been feeling better and I have no other excuses anymore, especially once school is out (tomorrow!). Eek, let’s do this!

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