A special delivery, cast iron

A few weeks ago, I had a special delivery…..


My mom and I have been talking about how to keep my kidneys healthy. And that brought up my old pots and pans…… They were BAD news. To know that our kidneys filter EVERYTHING, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t eating anything my body doesn’t need.

I looked around, and actually found these at Target


They are the perfect cast iron beginner set, and they were reasonable!

I have used them for the past week, and I am in love. I immediately got rid of the others!


The only downside is I have to handwash them after each use, dry right away, and then wipe with a thin layer of oil. That’s just cast iron. but otherwise, they are perfect!

Question for you:

What type of pots do you use?

Have you ever used cast iron before?




3 thoughts on “A special delivery, cast iron”

  1. I love my cast iron! In fact for Christmas I got a large deep covered skillet…I use it for almost everything! My older one is “seasoned” so not too much sticks in it, my new one hasn’t been “loved” enough yet…but I’m looking forward to loving on it some more so that it gets to be a wonderful as my old one!

  2. We have a cast iron skillet that is “seasoned”. It’s pretty nice but yeah, there is the cleaning aspect- you can’t just wash it like a usual pot. I’ve never thought about kidneys filtering what you eat and how pots and pans can influence that, but that’s a really good thought that you and your mom had. Glad ya got new pots!

  3. But they are sooooo easy to wash when well seasoned! I felt like everything stuck to my old pans (Even though they were nonstick). Nothing sticks at all to the cast iron so a quick rinse/scrub with the brush and it’s clean!

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