A day in the life: kickboxing!

Hi everyone! The past few days have been crazy, fun, and busy. but I have to say, MY ENERGY IS RETURNING!!! I have had the week off, and I am determined to get things done around the house and get my workouts in! This is how my days have been lately…..

6:45 Wake up and eat breakfast with Andrew

8:00 Go over to my parents and take care of their animals (they are at the beach!)

My parents dog, riley and Mr bubbles. long lost friends


8:30 Start my 3 ten minute DVDs. I haven’t missed a day and I am feeling SO strong! I also love how they give me energy for the rest of the day!

9:30 Work on kitchen. I have been scrapping, sanding, and will some day start Repainting these darn things.

hot. mess.
hot. mess.

It has been taking HOURS a day! They better look AMAZING!!!

Then there is lunch, pick up Andrew, and homework. And then kickboxing! my cousin and I bought a groupon for a boxing/kickboxing class and it is an amazing class! I am sweating within the first ten minutes, and it is always fun (especially when I picture NOT nice people. they will remain nameless haha)

holy hot mess!
holy hot mess!

yep. so this week I have completed all the DVDs and two kickboxing classes. I feel amazing. I also have been eating really well, and my appetite has gone DOWN. not sure what that is about. Maybe that darn tumor. who knows! haha

So that is what I have been up to lately. I have also been trying to stay off the computer and away from the TV. Only once Andrew goes to bed, unless I need to check something fast. I am trying to check up on blogs, but it has been so nice to step away. My camera lens also broke, so these were taken with my phone, not too bad for a phone from the 90s haha.

I love my blog, so I will definitely keep the updates coming!

Question for you:

Do you find it hard to unplug?
Have you ever tried kickboxing?

2 thoughts on “A day in the life: kickboxing!”

  1. wow! I can hear the energy in your voice! Keep it going, as long as you are not overdoing! As for unplugging? I don’t typically watch tv or movies, so I’m good there…I use the computer for some of my work so I can’t completely unplug, but I’ve noticed that I don’t spend as much time on it for “social” reasons. My inbox is totally full of unread messages (like over 40!) and I’m not on FB anymore, but I don’t think that I could totally unplug…and I usually have my phone within arms reach most of the day. 😦

  2. I was thinking, I get less hungry when I work out so maybe that is it? I also am less hungry when I am busy. Hm…

    It is so nice to step away from the computer sometimes! I had a ton of work this week but it was also nice staying away from the blog because then I had a great topic for today instead of struggling for post ideas every day. I might keep my blogging to 3-4 times per week now instead of my old 5.

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