Sam Baker 2014

While on my hiatus from bloggin, my family and I went on a short vacation just 2 hrs or so away……

My family and I have been going to Sam Baker State Park since I was around 4 years old.

We also went last summer. This year we had a larger group, and stayed in brand new cabins


Even though we were a few miles away from the others, the cabins were amazing!

140518_003 140518_002

I didnt take many pictures, I still only had my phone to take pictures, but I took this view from our cabin 🙂


It really helped to de-stress. We even went on a hike, which might have been alot for me and my belly, but I made it!

of course there was coffee :)
of course there was coffee 🙂

I promise I will now have better pictures, because my camera (which lens broke) is fix!

question for you:

Would you rather stay in a tent, cabin, hotel, or bed and breakfast?


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