Day 6: paleo cookie dough

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great week and this weekend is off to a great start! My day is not as crazy as yesterday, thank goodness!

It started off with eggs and bacon with Andrew and helping him studying for 2 quizzes and a test today. 4th grade. I dislike you already haha


I had a dentist appointment and lots of catching up around the house. Also, meal prep for work (more on that tomorrow!)

Lunch was cauliflower mash and bacon


I bought this bacon that you microwave, to see if it would help Andrew. He said he didn’t like it crispy. What a goof  ball haha. We were not big fans…..

For dessert, I had some new paleo cookie dough balls


Lunch was a random combo. Protein coffee and paleo cookie dough balls. I was on the go, it didnt the trick. This is my new.favorite recipe for the cookie dough

Andrew and i had pictures for the directory at church, and then we met my sister in laws and mom for a pedicure. It was awesome! Especially with three 12 hour shifts this weekend.

Next up, was chicken wings, peaches, and cookie dough for dinner.


Thanks for the great picture andrew haha


Then i ended the day with t25 speed 1.0. It was alittle rough from lack of sleep and ice cream yesterday, but i still got it done!

Still alittle high today: calories 1728, fat 122, carbs 55, protein115

Tomorrow will be better

Question for you?

What are you up to this weekend?

I work the whole three day weekeend😀


Day 7: prepping for 12 hours

While everyone is off work for the three day holiday weekend, I will working. Yes I had during the week off, but I’d rather be at the pool with Andrew. Oh well! On Thursday, I got to food prep, but first the eats for my day.


6am: Eggs and pepper

10am: bacon

2pm: sausage, pepper, and cauliflower mash. peach for dessert

snacks the rest of the day: pepperoni slices, almonds and cashews, cucumbers, and Colby cheese, apple (i only ate the pepperoni and nuts)

Dinner: bunless burger, salsa, paleo cookie dough balls

Workout: 11,600 steps!!


The prep on Thursday took awhile, but now I have lots of healthy eats to grab for the next three 12 hour shifts.

  • First, I started with the peppers and sausage


All I did was heat the oven to 375. cut them up. mix with olive oil. then bake for 30minutes or until desired texture

  • I noticed there wasn’t much for three/four days. so I did make baked chicken wings, just in case.

These are also easy. boil for 10 minutes. then place on baking sheet and olive oil. and bake for ten minutes at 425 in the oven. flip and bake 5-10 more minutes

  • Next up, was cauliflower mash.

All you do is steam the cauliflower till soft. then use a food processor to mash. done!


Lots of good food to have in the frig. And I am SOOO ready for the next three days, well at least food wise haha

Question for you:

How do you plan for meals while you are at work? or on the go?



Day 5: day in the life

Today’s eats were pretty good, and ended with ice cream. Let me say the day was insane, followed by ice cream with friends. A success I would say? haha. I don’t usually eat ice cream, but considering I kept my cool all day and still ate well up until then, I’m good with that. I thought instead of just food, I would show the schedule….It doesn’t look like it, but every minutes

7am: Breakfast- eggs, peppers, and bacon

8am: grocery store for lots of andrew goodies (more on that tomorrow….)

8:30: went to visit Carrie (The NICU babies past foster mom. he is now with his adoptive mom)

10am: T25 total body workout

11am: Protein coffee on the run. plus pepperoni slices. My dad had oral surgery. So I was running from my parents house to walgreens and mcdonalds for a milk shake


1pm: Lunch. Leftover buffalo chicken salad from last night. Peach for dessert


2pm: over to my parents house. dad not doing so good, now throwing up. went to take care of him.

3pm: colby cheese, cucumber, and apple slices


sillly silly sillly homework

4:30: hair cut


5:15: Wake for my aunt’s mom (on her side)

6pm: babybel cheese and pepperoni. more homework.

7pm: taco dinner with my community group at church. Followed by ted drews ice cream.


These are my stats WITHOUT the ice cream: Calories 1755,Fat: 118, Carbs 69, Protein 121

way higher than usual. Esp if you add the ice cream, but tomorrow is a new busy day 🙂

Question for you:

What is one (or two) things keeping you busy these days?

Day 4: tooth fairy

Happy Wednesday! We woke up to have breakfast before school and andrew started complaining saying there was metal in his eggs! And why would I do that? I of course was really worried, until he spit it out, and we realized it was his tooth 🙂


He has been working on the bottom guy for weeks!


On to eats……….

Another successful day. I did eat a few fries at dinner with my parents, but im ok with that.


Breakfast: eggs, broccoli, peppers, and bacon

Plus coffee! and protein coffee

Lunch: cauliflower mash

Snack: lots of honey roasted peanuts, babybel cheese, and some chicken

Dinner: buffalo chicken salad from Joey B’s

Lots of the same food for the past few days, just making my way through leftovers. Grocery store tomorrow!


Workout: t25 abs. Did not have the energy for total body haha. tomorrow. also mowed my parents grass. Got almost 12000 steps!

Question for you:

What was your favorite thing you ate today?

What workouts have you been doing?


day 3: more food for 12hrs

Another day at work. These 12 hour shifts take a lot of planning! Yesterday, i did not plan that well. I knew this because i was starving by 5pm. With 2 1/2 hours before i could go home. Not good! I always make my lunch the night before, so I made sure to add lots of goodies.

I made sure to have lots of food packed and ready.

6am: eggs, broccoli, and peppers


9am: protein coffee. Brought to work in a water bottle


11am: bacon

1pm: cashews pecans

2pm: cauliflower mash, watermelon, one pancake



5pm: 2 babybel cheese


(didnt eat the apple or nuts.)

8pm: shrimp + watermelon


workout: none. but I did have over 10,000 steps at work. I had to pick up andrew at my parents, and then get him in bed.


I did a lot better in making sure I had healthy eats on hand. I know that when I get hungry, I go for something that is easy. That is why you see a lot of small snacks that can be eaten on the run, or when you have a free moment. sometimes it gets crazy in the NICU. For the future, I will just make sure I have a full lunch box 🙂


So I got a few questions about the protein coffee and it is SUPER easy! I followed along to this recipe, just changed a few things.


  • Ingredients
    • 1 cup cold coffee
    • 1 scoop protein powder
    • a few iced cubes of almond milk *
    • 1 tsp vanilla
    • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Directions:
    • 1.) Make coffee the night before and place in frig. (or make that day and put in freezer for a bit)
    • 2.) Place all ingredients in a cup or blender and blend. I used my smart stick

* You can also just add almond milk and ice cubes.

Super easy and you get some sweet coffee, with lasting protein powder, and without the extra carbs/sugar! I highly recomend it

Question for you:

How do you like your coffee? this question is perfect for Hollie 😉




Day 2: Sometimes breakups are a good thing

Happy Monday to everyone!  We will start with today’s eats,  then go to the deep stuff….. Haha

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Mine was not too shabby.  I was working in the NICU for a 12 hour shift so my eats all happened in the lounge. So exciting haha

I always pack my lunch so I can have healthy options. Sunday night I had everything packed and ready.


6am: eggs and peppers
10am:  bacon (made with eggs and packed to go to work)
12: cashews/pecans
2pm: chicken legs,  watermelon,  one coconut pancake for “dessert”
5pm:  cucumbers and 2 babybel cheese
8pm: shrimp, watermelom (not pictured)

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Starting the challenge

First day was a success!  And considering it was a stressful (more on that toMorrow) I stuck with it: )

Breakfast:  3 eggs peppers and bacon


Lunch part 1: protein coffee


Lunch part 2: shrimp and watermelon


With Andrew at the pool



Dinner:  cauliflower mash


Dessert:  ccoconut pancakes.  Leftovers from Andrew’s breakfast


Workout: stress DVD for t25

All in all a great day and recorded on myfitnesspal. If you are on there,  add me!!!! Krissyswim16

And don’t forget to check out Angela’s blog! She is doing the challenge as well

Question for you:
How do you track your food or Fitness?

tracking eats for accountability

I have found the past few weeks I have been have lots of tummy issues.  Pains,  etc, all not good.  Well if you take a look at what I have been eating you can see why.  I have been working slot of extra 12hr shifts at work,  also not sleeping alot. Which leads to overeating and bad food choice for me.

When I first started this blog,  years ago on spark, I was blogging my eats and workouts to keep myself accountable.  And let me tell you. Often really worked. So when I was complaining talking with Angela about my concerns,  she suggested we keep each other accountable By recording our eats on our blogs for a week. I know,  that when I have to report to Angela, I am going to eat better.  I dont want her to know about all the junk haha.

So I started early,  just to get the ball rolling. I also have a hard time remembering to take pictures of my food. This day I did two workouts (more on that later) so I have lots of proteins and eats

For example,  my first day I forgot to capture breakfast.  Oops.  I have eggs and bacon. So not exciting anyway

Lunch #1: stew meat with shredded cheese, snap peas,  and watermelon


Dessert:  paleo cookie dough bites


Lunch #2: protein coffee


Snack:  shrimp and roasted peanuts (random yet. And no peanuts are not paleo but are delicious)


Dinner: mush consisting of round beef,  cauliflower mashed potatoes,  and bacon20140822_181132

Sorry it’s a gross pic.  I forgot to take it till half way through.

So I felt pretty good about this day!

Carbs: 1531

Carbs: 60

Protein: 160

So feel free to follow me and Angela thoughout the week.  I am up for any and all suggestions too: )

Question for you: 

Do you  track you foot and where? 

I still track on spark people app,  but I have heard good things about my fitness pal.

ALS Ice Bucket challenge

Hi everyone!  I know people have been seeing these challenges all over facebook.  Each day I have about twenty more haha.

I first I thought. How silly.  Why are they doing that? I don’t think ill participate. Well then I was Nominated. Still wasnt juMping to get ice water duMped on me.  Then I saw this video……

I couldn’t stop watching.  To see how serious this disease  is, hit me hard.  I knew I just had to do the challenge and donate.  The awareness that this video has brought is UNBELIevable!!!

So today I share my video and Andrew’s and we try to bring awareness about a disease that I didn’t kNow Much about and still effects some many people and their faMilies.

Hilarious fail at the ALS bucket challenge.  Haha

And Andrew and his friends make the best faces during theirs

Please even if u don’t want to dump cold water on your head,  just look at the website.  And donate if you can. I swear it’s more iMportant than just videos on facebook.

Question for u:
Do you know anyone with ALS?
Have you completed the challenge?

Paleo Chicken Nuggets

The past few weeks, I have been scrolling through pinterest looking for kid friendly paleo recipes. I have been eating about 95% paleo for about a year now. I will have the occasional piece of cake or treat, but for the most part I eat pretty clean. This is a choice for me because I have had tummy issues for years. My trigger foods are carbs and sweets. YEP. all the yummy stuff haha.

I have noticed that when Andrew returns from his dad’s house (where he eats lots of sweets) he will have stomach pains the next morning. One of my main symptoms. I decided that maybe the best would be to show him how we can eat healthy, and it still be yummy too!

Not that it is bad to eat sweets, this is just something we have decided to do here. And I will still pack some sweets with him for lunches and when he is with friends, but just cut the amount down a bit. (one ex. at his dad’s he had a cheese hotdog, macaroni and cheese, and when I asked if he had any fruits or veggies. he said yep. strawberry milk. haha) We had a good discussion fruits and veggies that day. We have also talked about Mcdonalds and fast food in general. He has even heard that the only “real” food there is the milkshakes haha.

Anyway, we have talked about chicken nuggets, and when I saw this recipe on pinterest, I knew it was a keeper

20140819_173422 20140819_173432

And let me tell you, andrew LOVEEEDDDD them!

20140819_173605 20140819_173550

This recipe is a keeper 🙂

Question for you:

Where do you find most of your recipes?