ALS Ice Bucket challenge

Hi everyone!  I know people have been seeing these challenges all over facebook.  Each day I have about twenty more haha.

I first I thought. How silly.  Why are they doing that? I don’t think ill participate. Well then I was Nominated. Still wasnt juMping to get ice water duMped on me.  Then I saw this video……

I couldn’t stop watching.  To see how serious this disease  is, hit me hard.  I knew I just had to do the challenge and donate.  The awareness that this video has brought is UNBELIevable!!!

So today I share my video and Andrew’s and we try to bring awareness about a disease that I didn’t kNow Much about and still effects some many people and their faMilies.

Hilarious fail at the ALS bucket challenge.  Haha

And Andrew and his friends make the best faces during theirs

Please even if u don’t want to dump cold water on your head,  just look at the website.  And donate if you can. I swear it’s more iMportant than just videos on facebook.

Question for u:
Do you know anyone with ALS?
Have you completed the challenge?

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