Starting the challenge

First day was a success!  And considering it was a stressful (more on that toMorrow) I stuck with it: )

Breakfast:  3 eggs peppers and bacon


Lunch part 1: protein coffee


Lunch part 2: shrimp and watermelon


With Andrew at the pool



Dinner:  cauliflower mash


Dessert:  ccoconut pancakes.  Leftovers from Andrew’s breakfast


Workout: stress DVD for t25

All in all a great day and recorded on myfitnesspal. If you are on there,  add me!!!! Krissyswim16

And don’t forget to check out Angela’s blog! She is doing the challenge as well

Question for you:
How do you track your food or Fitness?

5 thoughts on “Starting the challenge”

  1. What kind of challenge are you doing? Just trying to eat cleaner or paleo/whole 30? The shrimp look really delicious.

    how are you making the protein coffee? I’ve been doing protein frappucinos and they are good, but I’ve never made it in hot coffee before.

  2. I just added you to myfitnesspal! I’ve been on it since Jan 2013 and love it. Of course I’m better at logging weekdays vs weekends but still I log. It’s a great website and easier to use that spark.

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