Day 2: Sometimes breakups are a good thing

Happy Monday to everyone!  We will start with today’s eats,  then go to the deep stuff….. Haha

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Mine was not too shabby.  I was working in the NICU for a 12 hour shift so my eats all happened in the lounge. So exciting haha

I always pack my lunch so I can have healthy options. Sunday night I had everything packed and ready.


6am: eggs and peppers
10am:  bacon (made with eggs and packed to go to work)
12: cashews/pecans
2pm: chicken legs,  watermelon,  one coconut pancake for “dessert”
5pm:  cucumbers and 2 babybel cheese
8pm: shrimp, watermelom (not pictured)

Soooooo for Not the fun stuff.  As some of you may know,  I have been dating someone for the past two months.  Over that time we have gone salsa dancing, to the muny, and countless dinner and several movie Nights. 

This young man was extremely generous. To me and to Andrew.  Unfortunately, that was all that was there.  To me there was no real “spark”.(and a few other reason we won’t go into… )

And I was bummed.  I have always wanted to date someone who was kind. Considerate. And I couldn’t believe it wasn’t going to work out.  But like my mom said, you can’t force a spark. So as of Sunday night,  we are no longer dating.


I will say the phone call was difficult for me,  I hate upsetting people,  but I felt relieved afterwards.  I knew it was the right cHoice.  I think I was pretending and hoping he would be the one,  but it was actually taking a toll with me.  I do hope from the bottom of my heart,  that he finds someone special.

So on to the dating scene again……

On a positive partnership, go check out angelas blog to follow her along on our challenge 🙂

Question for you:
What do/did you hate the most about dating?

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Sometimes breakups are a good thing”

  1. I’m sorry your dates didn’t work out, but at least you know it sooner rather than later- and your mom is right. You just can’t force it- and you shouldn’t. I feel like some people do and then they just end up dating someone because it’s convenient (sad but true). Great job on the meal planning as well!

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