Day 6: paleo cookie dough

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great week and this weekend is off to a great start! My day is not as crazy as yesterday, thank goodness!

It started off with eggs and bacon with Andrew and helping him studying for 2 quizzes and a test today. 4th grade. I dislike you already haha


I had a dentist appointment and lots of catching up around the house. Also, meal prep for work (more on that tomorrow!)

Lunch was cauliflower mash and bacon


I bought this bacon that you microwave, to see if it would help Andrew. He said he didn’t like it crispy. What a goof  ball haha. We were not big fans…..

For dessert, I had some new paleo cookie dough balls


Lunch was a random combo. Protein coffee and paleo cookie dough balls. I was on the go, it didnt the trick. This is my new.favorite recipe for the cookie dough

Andrew and i had pictures for the directory at church, and then we met my sister in laws and mom for a pedicure. It was awesome! Especially with three 12 hour shifts this weekend.

Next up, was chicken wings, peaches, and cookie dough for dinner.


Thanks for the great picture andrew haha


Then i ended the day with t25 speed 1.0. It was alittle rough from lack of sleep and ice cream yesterday, but i still got it done!

Still alittle high today: calories 1728, fat 122, carbs 55, protein115

Tomorrow will be better

Question for you?

What are you up to this weekend?

I work the whole three day weekeend😀


2 thoughts on “Day 6: paleo cookie dough”

  1. I don’t think I would like microwave bacon either. I’m really not a fan of any sort of meat you cook in a microwave (not that I’ve eaten meat in years, but when I did, I wouldn’t eat microwavable meats). Those peaches look delicious!

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