daily eats + first #shakeology

Happy Wednesday everyone! So after over a week of the challenge, I am ready for new things. I promise to share new eats and recipes but for now, Im done taking pictures of everything I eat. haha (these are pictures from the beginning of the week)

That being said, I did food prep for the two shifts I worked today and tomorrow. I made stew in the crockpot, and also homemade almond butter.



I also tried my first ever shakeology protein drink.


I used vanilla protein powder and made a pumpkin pie drink. It was pretty good, but a little sweet. They come in vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, and greenberry. I ordered the sample that is one of each flavor. After i try all of them, i will decide if i will spend the Big Bucks for more haha

Andrew and I also had a healthy snack before doing homework


My new goal is to get more sleep. I have not been getting even 7 hours, and we all know hoe cranky i can be otherwise haha.

Question for you:

Have you ever tried shakeology?

What is your favorite protein drink?


5 thoughts on “daily eats + first #shakeology”

  1. I’ve not tried Shakeology. It’s too pricey for me, and I also saw where they only have like one vegan variety (I’m not vegan, but whey and casein protein tend to bother my stomach). I know tons of people who sell it and swear by it, but most people who sell any products do.

    I like making coffee protein shakes (protein frappucino!), I usually use Orgain chocolate protein from Costco, Naturade VeganSmart, basically whatever cheap but yummy plant-based protein I can find. Makes for a great post-workout breakfast.

    Good luck getting more sleep… that’s a challenge for all of us.

    1. I completely understand about the shakeology. I went on twitter and fb trying to find anyone who had experience with it and wasnt trying to sell me a bunch of stuff. I like it so far and am trying chocolate today!

  2. The cheese, cashews, and apple combo is making me hungry!
    And I don’t know how you can go on less than 7 hours. I need at least 8 or I’m just a waste of space. I can’t function at all without sleep. I don’t know how other people do it!

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