Fun weekend

I don’t know about everyone else,  But this weekend flew by!  Andrew and I had so much fun

Saturday started with gluten free pancakes which Andrew actually ate!  Wahoo haha


Next up was the homecoming parade for my old gradeschool


We headed down with my sister in law,  nephews,  and neice


Later that night,  I headed down to the homecoming  with my friends to work at the poker Booth.

Selfie  before going out
Selfie before going out

I had so much fun! I even met a very nice guy,  that I talked to for several hours.  Ill keep you updated….. Haha


On Sunday,  it started out a little slow (late Night and drinking.  Getting old haha) but the Andrew and I headed to play games and ride rides with my nephew and sister in law.


My favorite part was the Bumper cars with Andrew


It was all a lot of fun and we had gorgeous weather.  I also had a lot of time to destress which I needed!

Question for you: 

Do you like going to homecoMings and going on rides?

What did you do this weeks?

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