Trader Joe’s is the new Target

Today, I was traveling to the other side of St Louis (not doing anything fun) so as I treat, I headed to a favorite place, Trader Joe’s. In reality, I needed to go to the store, and I just love that place !I usually end up taking more things home with me than are on the list, but that is how Target is as well!

This is the first time I headed there in a few months without Andrew, and it was great to walk down the aisle and not hear “can we get this?”

Of course, we started with my favorites. Coconut oil ,coconut milk, and lots of nuts! cashews.almonds. pistachios.


Next up, hot dogs, bacon, and LOTS of grass fed butter. Love this stuff


Also some fruits and veggies


some new treats for Andrew (oh and I have had some too!)


And some new items to try!


Also, I picked up some flowers FOR me FROM me 🙂


Question for you:

What is your favorite thing at trader joes?

Have you ever tried coconut sugar?

8 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s is the new Target”

  1. I’ve never actually heard of coconut sugar… I hope you like all your new finds at TJ’s though. There is one in Mt. Pleasant but I hardly ever go there. It’s a fun store and I used to visit a lot when I first moved here, but usually I just go to Costco and Harris Teeter because they’re so much closer (and obviously buying groceries, I like to stay close to home).

  2. You did pretty well! 😉 I didn’t grow up near a Trader Joe’s but live near one now and it’s the best! I have baked with coconut sugar… I love the low glycemic value. I do think you can taste it a little bit though, but it’s a tradeoff I guess!

  3. You know that’s coconut cream and not coconut milk, right?! I LOVE that coconut cream! I have a ton of it with me here since it was sold out in Georgia for so long! I bought like 30 cans when I got to Mass and haven’t finished it! It’s the best on fruit and makes really good “whipped cream.” I have coconut sugar at home but have never used it! I am so used to not adding sugar that it just sat in the cabinet! Also, I was totally shocked to see that the coconut flour is $2.99 from there! They said it was new when I saw it up here, but $2.99?!?! How can you beat that?!?!?!

      1. I was actually JUST thinking about trying coconut cream in my coffee with vanilla extract the other day! I bet it’d be good! I was just hoping you weren’t expecting to open the can and find milk, haha.

  4. I have used the coconut sugar before. I like it! The girls will sometimes use it for baking too. I’ll have to look for the coconut flour. I usually order it online in bulk. I’ll have to compare costs!

  5. Totally jealous of your coconut cream. I cannot find that at the grocery stores near me at all. I’m about to break down and order it online!
    I like that you can walk into Trader Joe’s and not have to read every single label. You pretty much know its good. Makes it so much less stressful to shop!

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