Day in the life of 15,000 step day

The past few days have been bussyyyyy. Ok it is always busy haha. But somedays, I am better at blog management.

I have a lot to catch up on, but I’ll just start with today. I had a long list of to dos, but I got everything done!


My first ALL green day!!  Alright.  This is how it happened…..

7:30 Andrew off to school

8:00 dentist appointment

9:00 Sams

10:00 stop at my grandma’s

11:00 target

11:30 t25 workout

12:00 Got cut the grass at my parents house

1;00 shower,  Laundry, and load dishwasher (times a couple for both haha)

2:15 small nap

3:00 pick up Andrew from school

3:15 clean kitchen and both bathrooms

5:15 sit for 15 minutes

5:30 Leave for a picnic and the balloon glow in Forest Park


10:30 crash in bed

whoa~! what a day. But a fun and EXTREMELY productive day 🙂

Question for you:

Do you make a To Do list?

Do you wear a steps tracker? if so, we should be friends!

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