What I ate Wednesday:fitness update

Lately, my weight lose has been at a little bit of a stand still. I am still at a 12lb weight lose since May. Which I am EXTREMELYYYYY happy about. For YEARS. I have been trying to lose 35lbs, with no help. Since the cancer scare, and some major determination, I have started to see results.

I also started a new workout routine, and use Myfitnesspal app to keep track of everything! (follow me!!!)

So since the past few weeks, have been up and down, I thought I would do a What I ate Wednesday, just to see 🙂

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon with Andrew


snack: cashews

Lunch: steak with ketchup and grapes


snack: apples and Colby cheese

dinner: Taco salad: lettuce, ground beef, avocado, tomato, and cheese


dessert: protein egg pancake


I topped my “pancake” with grassfed butter and a small amount of coconut sugar. Wasn’t sure about it (and was an after thought, after I mixed the pancakes, but I know its a keeper! can’t wait to bake with it!)

Question for you:

If you had a taco salad, what would you put on it?

What is something yummy you had today?

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