I became a coach for health

For the past few months, (ok years) I have been trying to lose weight. When life took a big turn at the beginning of the year, I knew I needed to get healthy.

Some reasons to get healthy:

-I knew that if I had to have surgery again in the summer, I wanted to be at the TOP of health

-Besides the fact, that I saw my hospital chart and it said OBESE on it 😦

-I grew up with an unhealthy family. And sometimes that would embarrass me. I didn’t want to be that for Andrew

-And last, but MOST important. I want to be here FOREVER for Andrew


With a few MAJOR motivators, I knew I needed to get started. The point was where to start. Well, who would have thought that it would happen at Subway with my son and his dad. We have been separated for 5 years, but we have grown to be friends. While we were there, I noticed he had lost a lot of weight. And asked him how he did it. We started talking about T25 and the ten minute trainer dvds

Long story short, he lent me the ten minute Dvds when I was released to workout after surgery. And they were tough! 3 ten min workouts a day. After several months, I started T25. Which I LOVED. I have been bragging about this to my family and friends for some time. I cancelled my gym membership and am now working out at home. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. I used to HATE working out at home, and now I can’t wait to get home. I even do the 25 minute workouts after a 12 hour shift!

And the BEST part! I have lost 13lbs! I know that might not sound like a lot, but if you look at this chart you will see it has been years since I weighed this “little”.


(only from sparkpeople app. Will only show past year)

My highest weight was 197lbs. (Eek. DId I just put that on here.) And now I am in the 180s, almost the 170s! I haven’t been there since 2011!!!!!! And the steady decline is what makes me happy. You can see other times i just yo yo everywhere

Can see changes in just my face! But my clothes fit better too :)
Can see changes in just my face! But my clothes fit better too 🙂

I am not trying to brag, I am just trying to let everyone know what has worked for me. And because of this, I became a coach. I wanted to help other people. I was already talking about it at work and to family, so it was just the next step. I like these programs so much, that I have my mom and sister in law doing the ten minute trainers, and my other sister in law is doing T25.

I also started a group on facebook for motivation, recipes, and workouts. Come friend me or message me! Come join 🙂

My next plan is to start P90x3 and keep losing.


My friends and I are going to mexico in February. We all turn 30 in the next year! So I want to lose about 24 more lbs before than. That is 4 1/2 months till then. I am just taking each week at a time, so even if I lose ten lbs by then, IM GOOD!!!

if you are thinking this is something you want more info on, or just want me to have more people on my list, I would appreciate it! haha. You can find me here:

Question for you:
Have you ever tried a workout program like insanity or T 25?

Would you rather workout at home or the gym?

1 thought on “I became a coach for health”

  1. That is really awesome and I’m so glad you are getting results. I know how hard you have worked (I truly cannot believe we have been chatting as long as we have) so I know how much you deserve this!

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