Weekend adventures

Andrew and I have had alittle bit of a stressful week so when this weekend came, we were both so happy.

We started both just relaxing on saturday morning. We had no place to be until 9. So for about an hour, we just hung out in my bed and had a nice breakfast.

Then we met up with some friends from church to work on some landscape.


Even andrew was a Big help!

The pumpkin patch was up next with my brother. Sister in law, and their three kids.


It was a little chilly, but the kids had a blast running around.

Andrew headed to a friends, and i did a t25 workout and relaxed to he came home.


Im glad i did because when he got home we played two inNings of baseball in the front yard haha. And then had dinner and a nice night

Sunday was more low key. All we had was church, a workout, and then a pedicure with my mom and sister laws.

Which was a perfect way to end the week. I needed the girl time and pampering.


Question for you:

what workouts have you been doing lately?

How did you spend your weekend?


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