working the days away

The past two weeks have been crazy. ExaMple:

  • Monday: work
  • Tuesday:work
  • Wednesday: work
  • Thursday: laundry, grocery store,cook, clean, community group
  • Friday: work
  • Saturday:work
  • Sunday:work
  • Monday:work
  • (Today )Tuesday: cook, clean, workout,nap,hang out with a drew
  • Wednesday :work
  • Thursday: off work!!!!
  • Friday: on call
  • Sat and sun: off work!!

As you can see, i have been working an awful lot. Not only to help my uNit at the hospital out, But also to pay for a few tHings around the house. Like a new furnance and new tires on my car.


All things that need to be repaired before winter. Now to find fun things to spend it on! Haha

Even though i was away from andrew wayyyyy too much we talked everyday and he came to visit me at work. He had lunch with In the cafeteria. Like our own little mini date


And then when i came home I had the prettiest flowers and card. It was very sweet. 20141012_194755apparently these were “go cardinals” flowers that were sold at the store here in st louis haha. Loved his picture


Then today, I walked him to school. Something we havent done in two weeks. Best part of the day for sure.

So even though work has taken me from andrew, I know that it will help us in the future 🙂 and im off this weekend!

Question for you:

What is the last big thing you Bought?

Do you have trouble spending money on yourself?

2 thoughts on “working the days away”

  1. Gsoh I cannot even imagine. Honestly the last two weeks I haven’t been working as much as I would like. I’m hoping to pick it back up and get more hours soon.

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