Random phone photos

Happy Monday everyone!

The weeks are flying by here in St Louis. Probably because of work, and always trying to stay on top of all the shit to stay busy.

I thought I would just share some of the RANDOM pictures I have on my phone. Its actually ridiculous…… but fun to see 🙂

  • Cuddle time with Andrew during movie night


  • Taking pictures to sell all these books/dvds on craigslist


  • my cats cuddling in my bed


  • Cake. EVERYWHERE! I sent this to Angela showing her the temptation. I did not eat any! (next day there was more cake, and I had some of that.ohwell)


  • Morning breakfast 🙂


  • Hanging out with my neice and nephew


  • Shakeology for dessert 🙂 This time chocolate covered strawberry flavor


  • Andrew playing baseball outside in the flurries. Crazy kid


  • Snow for the first time in st louis. WAYYYY too early


  • Also staying up with all my workouts 🙂

unnamed (1)

QUestion for you:
What is one of your random pictures on your phone?

Dealing with life

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am sorry I haven’t been blogging this past week, it has been quite….a lot. That’s a good way to put it.

On top of the weather turning to cold, dreary weather, I have also had a lot going on with work, Andrew, and my mom. she is having medical testing done 😦 more on that after some appointments..

With all that going on, I didn’t want to have a negative attitude and blog. Thats no fun! So instead I have been working on getting my basic needs back in order!

unnamed (9)


Four things that truly make a different:

1.) Exercise. Makes me happy

2.) Eats. I actually found out (after many many chats with my friend angela!) that I was not eating enough with the hard workouts I am doing

3.) sleep. I just need to get more

4.) Andrew. spending as much quality time with him (no on the phone or computer!)

When I realized that I just need these four things. I also tried to stop putting so much pressure on myself. To have the perfect house. The perfect life. Is just not going to happen. And realizing thats ok! After taking a step back, and relaxing, I am back to my old self and feels so much better!


Question for you:
what are some of the basic things you need in life to be happy?

A photo filled weekend

This weekend was a bit all over the place, but Andrew and I had blast, got a lot done, and some new things in their too 🙂

After 2 hours of baseball on Saturday, we had a low key evening.


We had a few games of zingo (kid bingo with pictures) while I had my shakeology 🙂

Sunday started with church, and coffee. Lots of coffee


THen a full day of my brother and dad putting in a new basement door


The old one had a window, and was old and rotten. It really was not the best. And I am all about safety. Who am I getting excited about a new door. First, the garage door, now this haha

While they were doing that, I was making pear butter from pears from our family farm.



My older Brother is making pear wine 🙂

Also some stew in the crockpot


Our next project……a new deck for the backyard.


(all the boards we need)

The old one is rotten (they didn’t seal it before they painted it) seems like this is the theme of my house right now….haha

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?

What project are you working on right now?

Halloween 2014

What a Halloween!! I hope everyone had a great night of family, friends, and fun. Andrew and I definitely got all three 🙂

We started the night nice and early with a 4pm dinner, and then costume time.


our night included running all over St Louis, but in a good way! We headed to my grandparents and parents first.

Next, we headed out to trick or treat for almost 2 hours. Then to a bonfire with church friends, and finally circled back to my parents. Andrew was spending the night so that I could go to a costume party!

My mom LOVES Halloween. She always came up with the best costumes when I was a kid, so when I came over with my Queen of Hearts costume and ideas, she was allllll over it.


It was super easy to make and only took a few hours.

There was a little malfunction. The glue for the eye lases was dried out, so you know what we used. Molasses with a quetip. and it worked like a charm!


My costume was super cheap to make as well. I just had to buy the tulle, paper to make the hearts, and gold paint. That was it!I already had the head band, black dress, leggings, eye lashes, and shoes.

This is where I found my ideas:



Question for you:

Did you dress up for Halloween?

What was your favorite costume as a kid?