I’m back!

Hi everyone! A lot has changed since my last post three years ago, almost to the day, but it’s time I come back to the blogging world. I loved sharing workouts, recipes, and just daily life. Almost like a journal that I can look back on.

We shall see how often I post, or what all makes it on here 😁

Just three big things have changed since the last time I was here. I met an amazing guy who has been here for the past three years and his name is Steve. Alittle bit about him… he is a nurse, born and raised in stlouis, and is head over heels for me and Andrew. (Ok that was corny but ohhh well)


Another big big thing is a started a new job. For nine years I was a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital here in St. Louis. But after many many many hours of thinking and praying I changed to a care coordinator position at the same hospital. It was the best decision. I now work monday through Friday working flexible eight hour days, with no holidays and only five saturdays a year. Best decision for Andrew, steve but especially myself. The stress of 12 hour shifts and the ICU were taking their toll. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Although I sure do miss those little babies and all my friends, but luckily I still get to visit them just have to travel to their floor 😁


And lastly I start crossfit. And well… I drank the crossfit koolaid and I’m hooked. I started alittle over a year ago and even competed in my first beginners competition. I work out with one of my good friends that I worked with in the NICU. It’s so good to still see her every week. And well, she kicks my butt and I want to be like her one day. She is awesome!


Well that seems about the big things! I can’t wait to share my health journey but also just living a healthy life again! I have goals that i will share on here as well! Feel free to comment and say hello! It is good to be back


4 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. This update made me so happy. I’ve been following you elsewhere (glad to sound like a creep) and you seem so much happier! I’m glad everything is working out!

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