Christmas when it is 70 outside

I really love everything about Christmas (not as much as Halloween) but it is a great holiday with friends and family. So whenever we can get the decorations up, I am in!

With Steve working night shift, and my work schedule, tonight was the perfect night to drag all the boxes upstairs πŸŽ„

We started outside since it gets so dark early now, and it was 72 degrees!!


Then inside complete with Andrews train

Steve was feeling under the weather so westill need to work on the real tree in the back room with all our ornaments, so we saved that for another night. I think my favorite part of Christmas is all our pictures from years past that we put on the mantel


My mom started this tradition when I was around six years old, and has continued every since. And now that I have my own house and my own little family, it is a tradition I plan to keep as well.


We ended the night cuddling on the couch watching one of my top three favorite Christmas movies


Question for you:⛄️πŸ₯§πŸπŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
What is your favorite hristmas movie?

4 thoughts on “Christmas when it is 70 outside”

  1. We’ve had pretty chilly weather here lately, not cold but at least seasonably colder (it never gets that cold in Charleston). Glad you got your decorations up and I think 72 degrees is better for putting the outdoor ones up than really cold temps, at least!

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