Today was one of this days. Well I guess you could say I’ve been a ticking time bomb. The past week I have not been sleeping and it finally caught up with me. Even with all the fun activities, family, and lots of yummy food, I have been sleeping 5-6 hours a night which is not enough for me.

For me I need sleep, good healthy food, and sweaty workout and I am a happy lady.

So today at work I was a high crab apple and I had to turn it around. First I went for a walk around the hospital campus With a hot cup of coffee and a favorite podcast, Well Fed Women ( used to be paleo for women)

When I got home, I made sure to head to crossfit and get a good workout in

And now I’m spending the evening with Andrew (steve had to go to work 😢) watching Santa Clause 2

nd heading to bed eaarrrrlllly tonight 😴

Questions for you?

1.) what are your favorite podcasts?

2.) what are things in your daily life you need to stay happy?

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  1. I loved those Santa Clause movies growing up. And Tim Allen, especially in Home Improvement. That was one of my favorite shows and I wish they still made TV shows like that!

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