Christmas Eve 2017

I can’t believe we made it to Christmas and it’s already over! It always goes by so fast!

Christmas Eve was much more low key this year. First, it started with more snow ❄️



Day started with Boiling sweet potatoes that will be fried on Christmas afternoon. Today, I can boil them, let them cool, peel them, cut them and then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. All prepped for Christmas Day to pan fry


Then to crossfit. Ive been trying to work on my booty and legs. I don’t activate those muscles as I should. I started with working on double under since those are my weakness in crossfit! Haha

I found this workout through Juli at @paleomg on instagram and it was a great workout! And then I finished with an 8minute tabata ab workout



After cleaning up, I made up the egg casseroles for breakfast on Christmas morning ( one with jalepenos, one plain) Now they are ready and just need to be baked while we open gifts 🎁

My day ended with my nephew Brian’s 8th birthday party and meeting their brand new puppy Molly.

And finally I drove two hours to get Andrew, after he spent a few days with his Dads family. We arrived home just in time to get in bed for Santa to come!

Pretending you are asleep so Santa will come early Pretending you are asleep so Santa will come early

Question for you:What are you traditions for Christmas Eve?

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