Christmas 2017

Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year, and this year it was no different. I woke up early to get a few things together, and Steve got off work at7, and then we had to wake up the little guy at 8! I had just alittle time before for coffee in bed.

What is it about coffee in bed that makes it a billion times better?

Then it was up for all the present with the guys

I then finished up the breakfast prep with some hot chocolate

Our parents came over for monkey bread and egg casserole. My mom brought fruit and Steve’s Mom brought shrimp and dip. We had so much delicious food

We were able to have a few hours to spend together before Steve headed to bed.

While he was sleeping, I worked out with t25, and then made the sweet potatoes for my grandmas house.

This is my favorite because all my aunt, uncles, and cousins go to my grandmas house for dinner, ping pong tournament, gifts, and a round of white elephant.

Question for you:

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?

Have you ever played white elephant? Was was your favorite gift?

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