Christmas part 2

Our second Christmas was actually the day after with Steve’s parents. We are so lucky to have both families here in St. Louis and so we can celebrate any day of the week that Steve is off work, and works with my family’s Christmas.

My morning started by baking two pies. First was key lime pie, requested by Andrew. (I did not make the topping listed on the site. I made whipped cream with heavy cream and sugar) And then I made caramel apple pie cookie bars from Juli’s website at I didn’t have a quiche pan so I just used a pie pan and made coconut whipped cream for those

I then ran to crossfit to do this workout with my beastie Jess.


*power clean

* bar over burpees

Also i am working on on double unders. I know have three in row!!!

Then it was time to clean up and head to Steve’s parents! We started with gifts where I was given nail polish, a red bird for my dish, and a happy lamp for my desk at work. Alllll things I was very happy to receive! I work in the basement with no windows so a happy lamp was top on the list. I believe in seasonal depression disorder and want to stop it before it starts!

After gifts, it was time for food! Pork, kloesse, green beans, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (for Andrew), and of course dessert 🥧

After we also play games which include sequence, qwirkle,and a huge favorite the Saran Wrap ball game.

We have so much fun and always leave with stuffed bellies and a full heart.

< strong>Question for you:< strong>Do you play games on Christmas or other holidays your family celebrates ?

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