Rowing workout #2

The past week or so, I have been in LOVE with the rowing machine at the gym. And the great thing about it, is each day I feel a different body area that gets sore from rowing! This week, my back was feeling it! That is why I made this workout, so that I will strength my back AND my abs.

I know that somedays, my abs are mighty weak and I can feel it in my back. I also know that at work I can slouch over the computer, so I want to get those muscles working!

crossfit rowing 2

I was feeling this workout and sweaty at the end. That is 24 minutes of rowing! So for each 1250m row took me about 6 minutes. It broke up the workout, because I COULD NOT row for 24minutes straight (at least, not yet!)

Question for you:

Do you feel that you have strong abs?

What is your favorite ab workout?

Weekly Workouts

Since this week was another crazy week at work, the workouts aren’t where I would like them. BUT I did find a great new workout to share! I definitely can not wait to find more quick workouts for after work

Sunday: 12 hour shift + ab workout


Monday: 12 hour shift DAY OFF!

Tuesday: 30 min bike + leg workout!

Wednesday: 12 hour shift

Thursday: 12 hour shift

Friday: 12 hour shift

Saturday: 8am spin class!!

Let me tell you, those first ten minutes of spin class I kept thinking “I’m going to die” “How am I going to make it 60 minutes!”

But let me tell you, I survived, and sweated my booty off! It was great to have a class like that again!

Question for you:

Have you ever tried a spin class?

How do you get in a quick workout?

Weekly workouts

Those 12 hour shifts just get in my way! haha. Monday was alittle bit of a bust, but my body needed the rest after Saturday night. I always seem to pick it up at the end of the week.

I wanted to try new workouts, and MAN did I get just that! Of course I think my favorite was the cardio kickboxing class. I woke up on Friday feeling sore and satisfied that I worked some great leg muscles. I love waking up sore for a workout!

Sunday: 12 hour shift
Monday:  Just the squat challenge
Tuesday: 12 hour shift
Wednesday:  30 min ellptical + full body workout
Thursday: Cardio kickboxing
Friday: 30 min bike + arm workout + ab workout
Saturday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday was a New body workout that I found on pinterest board. I have found some great workouts on there for future use!


Question for you:

Where do you find your workouts?

Would you rather workout with a group or on your own?

Confession and challenge

Before I get to the challenge, I just have a few things to share for my day.

It all started with a good ab workout



I really liked this, although it wasn’t the hardest workout that I have found (yup. I want something more difficult!)

I have another confession: I am obsessed with morning glory muffins


I make a batch each week haha

Now for the challenge.


I have decided to take this challenge in october! Now I just have to decide if I should put it on the frig or in my room as a reminder. Does anyone want to do this with me?

Question for you:

Is there a food you eat/make each week?

Do you want to do the challenge with me!?!? keep eachother accountable 🙂

CIrcuit Training: Abs

Today’s workout was another sweaty hour, but it went by extremely fast!

So how this works, is you start at the 3 min sprint, then alternating lunges for a min and a 1/2. Then plank with knee raises for a min and a 1/2. Then back to the sprints, and all the way down till the cool down 🙂

Here are some of the workouts:

Side planks



Superman. I did this except on my hands and toes, not on my knees



Question for you:
what is your favorite ab workout?