Andrew’s video

This video has no purpose. But Andrew took it while my brother’s girlfriend, Melissa, and I were doing our pinterest project. He has does a little walk through the house, and to the destroyed bathroom! And if your lucky you might here the British accent that I occasionally use, at odd times…..haha Enjoy!

Sorry. for some reason I can’t post this video directly on here its either wordpress, or my blog, or Im just an idiot. But I hope you go to youtube and watch it because it is pretty ridiculous haha

As is this picture of Andrew when he was a baby. I think he was helping me stir something, it went EVERYWHERE! But look how adorable he is 🙂


I work at a children’s hospital in st Louis, and The attending at the hospital, will call the food I ate today Horrid. She is australian and calls pretty much everything that is bad or Cra*py, Horrid.

Thats just Horrid!

(it makes me want to laugh everytime haha.)

I LOVE accents though. And one day maybe Ill do a VLOG to show my british accent. I can also do a southern accent. But Im sure you all would just laugh. OH WELL.

So today’s eats:

6:00 egg, egg white, american cheese pepper omlet

9:00 oats, pb, banana

10:30 Panera bagel (DAMN IT!)

so I calculated my calories thanks to good O’ And I was ALREADY at 800 calories. EEEKKKKKKK.

I was really pissed at myself . But I had two rolos and got over it. Oops again

Well at least I wasnt hungry till 3:30 in the afternoon. Which was good because we got a sick kiddo in the NICU and another nurse needed an extra set of hands.

330 Left over pizza, watermelon, pudding, and 1/2 pecans

on the right

6:00 1/2 pecans

8:00 apple and 1 graham cracker

Calories 1732

Carbs 253

Fat 72

Protein 69

SOOOOOOOO not an awesome day by any means. but it could have been worse. Tomorrow is a new day and I think I need to stay away from the candy. and bagels. and carbs just in general haha

Question for you:

How do you turn a HORRID day around?

ps. I didnt get to work out because I went to help on my house. The dry wall is going up on the ceiling!!!!!!