What I ate Wednesday

I woke up with no eggs and no bananas. So lucky for you guys, I have a new breakfast to show haha

Breakfast:  bacon, pear, and 2 morning glory muffins + almond butter


After grocery shopping, it was time for lunch. I was starving

Lunch: Stew and 2 morning glory muffins


Snack: tons of cashews (undocumented) and another morning glory muffin

Dinner: acorn squash + cinnamon + honey + pecans


It was light because of the over kill on the cashews

Question for you:

What is your favorite snack?

Meal preparation

Today was the day, to get prepared for the days ahead. I work the next 3 out of 4 days, 12 hour shifts. Which means I have to have food ready and handy, because when I get home at 8pm, it isn’t going to happen.

I usually make two types of meat (steaks, meatballs, burgers), a few vegetables, and of course…morning glory muffins.

I know I talk about the muffins constantly, but as a nurse you don’t always have 30, 20, or even 10 minutes to eat. I need something that I can grab and go, but gives me energy for hours. (unlike the candy bowl in the dieticians office that only gives me energy for about 10, and then I fall even harder when my sugar drops. no.good.)

So for the next few days, I made what was already on hand (I hate wasting food)

I had the oven going for a few hours, but I got everything cooked and ready to go. First up, was morning glory muffins


Then I baked some potatoes and zucchini with some olive oil, and baked an acorn squash


All ready to go for the next couple of days!


I know that if I have healthy food handy, I don’t turn to the cookies and ice cream that can be around. One day I should do a blog about the crap junk food that I see just in ONE 12 hour shift.

Question for you:

Do you make your lunch to take with you to work/school/run errands?

what is your quick and easy snack?

-I also bring cashews with me and an apple/pear

three days!

Breakfast with the little guy was oatmeal again. Its in the 40s here!!!

My oatmeal: oats, PB, banana, cinnamon, and a scoop of pumpkin.

I tweeted this morning about whether or not I should go back to bed or go to yoga….

krissyswim16:go to yoga? or go back to bed?

Well I told myself, YOU’RE GOING!
And it was totally worth it. I even tried a new pose (we used the wall though, which helped A LOT!)

I wasn’t too impressed with it

On the way home, I got a 300 calorie pumpkin spice latte. Im not sure if it was worth it, but MAN it was good!

Then lunch. Good o’ pasta, broccoli, peppers, chicken, and parmesan cheese

And dessert was a chocolate pudding with some cinnamon pita chips. It was DELCIOUS.

 time to get Andrew from school, do homework, and then I cleaned up the Lego mess……and I found that the red spray paint SPREAD PAST the drop cloth I put down. AWESOME. So for an hour I was scrubbing that off the laminate floors. (it still looks pink. darn it)

Dinner was thanks to trader joes pizza dough. Love that stuff and my picky eater does too!

I had a side of acorn squash and he had carrots

I added corn to my pizza- DELICIOUS!

 we got Ted Drews ice cream. (my weakness) and watched the cardinals game at my parents house, with my parents, nephew, and andrew

I defiantly ate way to much ice cream. Deep breath- moving on.


Question for you:

Have you started eating/drinking warmer things now that its cold outside?

(I guess I shouldn’t talk. I ate a whole galloon of ice cream after dinner and it was 48 degrees outside haha. But the oatmeal and coffee this morning was awesome!)

Acorn Squash Recipe

I appreciate everyone’s comments yesterday. It was really a rough day. 

have been getting really emotional lately (I think its this crummy weather!)

but i will try not to be a negative nancy! I know i have MANY things to be thankful for,

its just one of those weeks .

Anyway, I promised a recipe! and it is by FAR the easiest recipe

Pecan Acorn Squash

2 servings


-Acorn Squash

-2 tbsp Butter

– 2 tbsp Brown sugar

– 1/4 c pecans

-optional: agave nectar (or honey)


– Preheat oven to 350 degrees

– Cut acorn squash in half

– Place cut side down in dish and fill with 1/2 inch-1 inch of water

– Cook for 45 minutes

– Add butter, brown sugar, pecans, and agave nectar


End on a positive note, w/ a joke

Today started out with a GREAT day off work. Instead of going back to bed, after taking Andrew to school, I headed straight to the gym (best decision of the day!)

But first we made apple cinnamon oatmeal because it was in the 40s here! Even Andrew wanted this (instead of his usually cereal..blah)

I also had a pumpkinspice coffee. The first was good, but the next tasted really watery, not sure why

i did 2 miles of intervals and then 2 miles of inclines. Nice and sweaty

Home for a shower and off to run some errands! It was time to get things checked off the TO DO LIST and find a brown dress for my halloween costume!

Target for groceries and odds and ends. I picked out a wedding card.


This weekend, my son will be going to a wedding for his uncle on his dad’s side. I have been very emotional, crying at songs and for no reasons what so ever. This may seem weird. You might think- Kristen. You guys aren’t together. Why would you so emotonal.

Well. These people were at one time going to be my family. I gave them my heart. And when you break up with someone, you also lose their family. So when events like this come up, my heart still says- You should be there, but you’re not.

Its very hard for me, and probably will be for some time to come (yes we have been separated for 2 years, but tried again this summer)

ANYWHO. today I also found out that Ian (my son’s dad) will be taking a girl with him to the wedding. But hey. I only cried about three times today- thats progress haha

so picking out a wedding card was hard. I think I stood there for 5 minutes before I even looked

 I eventually got one, hit up Marshalls, Goodwill, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally Walmart. Where I found my halloween dress for 9 BUCKS!

I also found a fuel belt for 7 bucks at Marshalls!!!!!!!!

 I was so excited! And then I munched on the whole bag of this!

Of course dinner was the highlight of the day with acorn squash. recipe to come tomorrow!

 So. I didn’t eat AS MUCH as I could have, but I did ok. But for dinner I wanted a glass of wine (just one of the days)

Well….I don’t have a bottle opener. BUMMER!


But dont worry, I found another bottle

 And then I spilled my glass……

Insert  deep breath, and a refill (of more wine haha)

And dessert while watching Ghost Adventures


To brighten my day, I watched Ellen

Joke of the day from Ellen:

Why couldn’t the pony sing?

Because he was a little horse!

haha I had to laugh- LOVE ellen!


What isyour favorite joke?