The good and bad kept me away

Hi everyone!!! I had no idea it has been 3 weeks since I have been here! I took a LONNNGGG break. There are of course MANY reasons while i have been away, but the main was I needed a break.

With everything that has happened so far this year, I wanted to unplug. There was also SO many things I wanted to do at home, with Andrew, and with myself, that the blog fell to the wayside.


We had a furry visitor who was dropped on my hands in the middle of the night by our cat May May


My dad came over that morning and we released him outside. He was much cuter outside!



I also have gone back to work full time. It has been a rough transition, since I am still getting my strength back. But on a positive note, I am SOOOOOO happy to be back. I have missed all my coworkers and the babies so much. ❤ NICU


I also had this amazing “friend” visit outside the window at work


On a not so happy note, I was in a car accident last week.


Luckily, everyone was ok . But the person who hit me who’s fault it was, does not have insurance, so I have to pay for some of it 😦


I also had another doctors visit while I was away. I did need to be put under, but no incisions and I was able to go home that day.


It all went great and I am just now being followed 🙂


Andrew and I are finally back at the pool~


this is him going down the FAST slide! There is just something about being out in the sun that makes me happy


I know there has been so much going on, I am sure I forgot some things on here, but I promise amanda I will be around more now!

Question for you:

What is something big (or not so big) that is going on for you the past few weeks?


First Bike Ride after Surgery

Andrew and I went on amazing bike ride this weekend. Know why it was so awesome? It was sunny, warm, and I was OUT of the house!


I have not been out for a bike ride since before the surgery. I have missed being out of the house and getting exercise at the same time.

We rode around the neighborhood for a few miles, then rode to have lunch with my cousin. We sat on the patio and had a nice lunch. All in all we rode a little over 5 miles. Afterwards, I was pretty tired, but it felt so great to get outside and moving!

It was a perfect Saturday 🙂

Question for you:

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

-for me, it is swimming (or just the beach haha)

When life gets tough, get busy

I have to say THANK YOU so much to everyone’s response about my not so expected CT results. I will say I am feeling better today, mostly because I stayed pretty busy (otherwise I would start tearing up)

SOOO the day started by having breakfast with Andrew, and taking him to school. Then to Sam’s to stock the frig, especially with lots of eggs.


(I think I could eat eggs for every meal)

Next up, was the muscle works class at the gym. It was awesome.

Then I went on a cleaning spree.


I got the bathrooms, all the wood floors, laundry, dishes, and anything I could get my hands on cleaned up. I even washed the shower curtain. haha

I had stew in the crockpot


Chocolate covered strawberries



Andrew’s new hair cut


I also stopped by the grocery store for some almond “yogurt”.

photo bomb
photo bomb

I even had 20 minutes to lay down before I picked up Andrew from school. That’s when I got a bit teary, and headed to attack more of the house haha.

Lots done today, which I am really happy about, and helped me keep my mind busy.

Question for you:

What do you do to stay busy?

Ever tried almond or coconut milk “yogurt”?

Valentine’s Day 2014

Andrew and I had a pretty quiet but still fun Valentine’s Day and I hope you did too!

In the past, I have always REALLY disliked this day because I was single (now I dislike it because of all the pressure!) So instead, this year, I just tried to have a nice day with Andrew. It was pretty awesome

Earlier in the week, we printed minecraft valentine’s for his teacher and friends

DSCN0399DSCN0400 DSCN0401

I also found this Valentine’s Day bingo to play at school with Andrew and his friends


The prizes 🙂


For dinner, Andrew and I headed to my parents. I loaded my plate with lots of salad and meat!


I also got some snuggle time with my nephew Seamus


Andrew and I then headed home and watched some of the Olympics with Mr Bubbles


I also gave Andrew a chocolate rose and card

DSCN0416 DSCN0417

The inside of the card was the best part 😉

Question for you:

What did you do for Valentine’s day?

What did you get your special someone? or did you get?

Random photos

      The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but I always love looking back at my camera and phone to find the random pictures that didn’t quite make the blog.

When Andrew tried to warm up with hot chocolate after his tag football last weekend


I think someone MAYYY have found my new camera haha


Andrew and Mr Bubbles are buddies


I FINALLY got a new computer. Trying to figure out windows 8 and all these fancy features haha


Crazy icicle handing off the gutter of the garage (I still wish it was spring already!)


Question for you:

Anything random in your life?

What do you take the most pictures of?



It all started with the pizza

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine went by SUPER quick with work, a date, and no sleep. It was a bit crazy. This post is all over the place, but it has some good stuff!


First, work has been a little sad lately. A baby I was close to, past away last week. So going back to work and having the room empty, was extremely difficult. Today, I went to the funeral, and stocked up on the Kleenex. Luckily, there were several nurses there and we were there for each other.

baby angel


Next up, my date. I haven’t been talking lately about the dating scene. Because basically, it was non-existent haha. Which was actually ok, but I was focusing on me, Andrew, and my health. So when a groupon came about for a month at, and I joined. I spoke with a few guys, but nothing really sparked. Then two weeks ago, I had a friend text me to see how the dating scene was going , and that she had a friend she wanted to set us up. Well, apparently he was one of the guys I talked to, he seemed nice, it just didn’t go anywhere. Well a few dates later, and things seem to be going well.

ANYWHO, that was a long explanation to the pizza. So because I worked, we stayed in on Saturday for pizza and a movie. And the girls at work KNOW that I don’t eat pizza, but my date does not. He knows I have belly issues, but I didn’t want to be the girl that only eats salad. So we got pizza, wings, and salad. I did eat pizza. Then I also only got 5 hours of sleep. Which resulted in BAD HORRIBLE eating on Super Bowl Sunday. I haven’t eaten that bad in about 6 months.

I am trying not to beat myself up, so today I headed to the gym for more rowing and weights! And cleaning up the food again. I guess one bad day in 6 months is still a million meals that were a success!

And now it is 9pm and I am heading to bed! It is time to get back to a sleep schedule.


Just a cute picture of Andrew.


Giving him lots of extra hugs and kisses today

Question for you:

How was your weekend?

Do you have a certain time to get to bed?

New Years Day Ice Skating

Happy New Year everyone! Taking a short break from 2013 rewinds, to share our New Years Day adventures. Can you believe it is 2014?!?! I still can’t believe it. But December seemed to fly by! I have a feeling this year is going to be AMAZING 🙂

For New Year’s Eve I headed to my friend Katie’s boyfriend’s house. We played headbanz (still love Ellen’s headsup better..) but we still had a blast and LOTS of laughs. We also played beer pong, which I am surprisingly rusty haha. All in all it was a great evening with friends


This morning, I wasn’t feeling so hot, but I still made it to the gym and then Andrew and I went ice skating


We joined my cousin, her boyfriend, and my uncle

P1080881 P1080874 P1080873

My mom was the photographer and got some great shots

P1080892 P1080890

By the end, Andrew was skating on his own! We might have to try again this weekend 🙂

Question for you:

Would you rather roller skate or ice skate?

-Defiantly roller skate for me

Haunted House after Halloween

Today it officially hit me that I worked five 12 hr shifts, and then didn’t stop this weekend. But there was no stopping today!

I had a great breakfast with this fella


Then I took off running: groceries, visit with nicu baby, cafeteria duty at Andrew’s school. And then I took an hour break.Just me and my book! At first I felt guilty that I took that time for myself, and I didn’t head to the gym, but my body needed the rest..

…because then it was time to spray paint the front railings….

P1080441 P1080440

finally…. and this is just the primer


looks like our own little haunted house haha


Then Andrew and I played alittle baseball together. This was the look I got when I told him we had to go in


haha. We had a great time, so I have to get rid of the guilt from not making it to the gym, but still moving with Andrew (and around the house!)

Question for you:

How do you make time for yourself?

What I ate Wednesday

After yesterday’s serious post,

Today it was all about the snacks, and thats ok in my book!

Breakfast: Egg Mcmuffin. Seriously, this is the bomb. (and they leave me full FOREEVVERR)


And speaking of bombs, photo bomb by Andrew haha


Lunch was super quick, because I was starving!!! Cauliflower mash potatoes and sausage


Snack: cashews, dates, and pears and almond butter

P1080278 P1080275

Dinner was small because the snacks were heavy. So I had meatballs


and then morning glory muffins for dessert 🙂 Andrew loves them too!


Might need to make a double batch next time…..

I also tried this new recipe for lunch/dinners for the next few days 🙂


Question for you:

When you are really hungry, what do you grab?

What is usually the largest meal you eat?