Another day at the cabin

After a great first day at the cabins, I was up bright and early for another day at Sam Baker. I started my day with a run! (more on that later)

We started the day with eggs, bacon, and cherries- YUM


Next up, another bike ride where we found other early risers

P1070783b P1070784bMr walking pants (named by my nephew)

P1070812bMr slizzers (name by Andrew)

The rest of the day was spent at the river


P1070815b P1070855b P1070816b

Catching tadpoles


And relaxing in the water

P1070848b P1070835b

Of course, we ended the day by the fire

P1070793bWe definitely had a great time at Sam Baker.

Question for you:

Are you a morning or an evening person?

-I definitely feel more alert at night, but my body seems to think 6:30 is always a good time to get up haha

We live in a zoo

Whew. I have to say,a good night sleeps does WONDERS for me. I feel a MILLION times better.

Even the 6:30 am wake up call from the little fella, wasn’t SO bad haha. Especially with the huge smile I got 🙂

We had breakfast, and then Andrew joined us. He has been sleeping in a lot lately, which is fine by me! We got all packed up and headed to the zoo!

We first went to the stingrays. They are free to go see and pet the first hour

P1070314 P1070315 P1070323

Then the carousel (also free the first hour)


The rest of the animals were out and eating their breakfasts

P1070339 P1070341 P1070342 P1070343 P1070344 P1070346 P1070349 P1070353 P1070375

And the weather was gorgous! 70s and not hot at all!! We even brought a blanket for the little guy.

It was his VERY first visit to the zoo, and he was out by 10:30am haha. Time to head home 🙂

Question for yoU:
what is your favorite animal at the zoo?

-Andrew and I love the giraffes.

Parties galore

Today, was just one of those days with lots on the calendar. Andrew and I started it off by cuddling, breakfast, and then a 1/2 hour of tennis at the park.

We didn’t have much time, before he went with my dad and the ladies of the family headed to my sister in laws baby shower

Did I mention she is having twins? One boy, and one girl? (probably a time or two haha)


There was a cupcake station, with all the pink and blue sprinkles you could imagine! (I was in heaven)


My nephew was there to help with the presents. he is going to be a big brother in just three months!

IMG_1918 IMG_1919And he says I make a goofy face haha


Our next get together, was for a ten year olds birthday party. They invited this guy.


He started with snakes…..


Then Andrew got to pet this guy…


And then had him on his head!!! haha



Finally, our day ended at Andrew’s baseball game. Where I enjoyed a nice glass of wine 😉

my friend chrissy pouring me a "glass"
my friend chrissy pouring me a “glass”

Well after that carb fun filled day, I am ready for bed. Yep, it is only 8:30 haha

Question for you:

Snakes, like or hate them?

How is your weekend?


Just for giggles

After surviving four in row, crying on the way home from Sam’s (lame), biking for 25 min, yoga for 60, I need something to put me in a good mood. Life has definitely been a little difficult the past month, so without further ado…


Although, I did pretty good today…haha


Cats, just for Angela and Nikki

cat3 cats2 has so great stretches to destress



 Not every ecard has cuss words haha


Question for you:

What is something/someone that made you happy or made you laugh today?