Just a mild allergic reaction….

Yesterday it was time to finally cut the grass! It has been a few weeks, and it was getting out of control. The bad news, I can’t start the law mower the first time. After that, I can. So my dad (thank goodness!) came over to help me.

He started it. I started mowing. At first, I thought a rock came up and hit my leg, because I felt a sharp pain on my shin. Not. so. much. I looked down to find a bee sticking out of my leg.


Then they attacked. I had bees everywhere. I was waving my arms around like a crazy person, yelling OWW, and running to the garage where my dad was. Luckily, only one bee followed me there, so he was able to get him away. But the damage was already done. I was stung three-four times.

And it hurt! Even after the bees were done, and the stingers were removed, I still felt like I was being stung over, and over again. I started crying (because thats what I do) and I was in a lot of pain.

I was so glad my dad was there, because he was able to take care of the bees and keep me laughing. “The good news is, that after they sting you, they die” haha thanks dad.

I then had to go and get some meds. I am so glad walgreens is just a few blocks away (do I sound like a commerical? haha)

The rest of the day, I slept (thanks benadryl for knocking me out) and reapplying hydrocortisone (even though it really only made a dent in the itching) I am lucky there are only a few stings, but apparently I am allergic when I get stung multiple times. As a kid, I never remember this happening. Because now the redness and swelling is growing, I might have an infection. This would only happen to me haha

Andrew helped me draw a circle around them to see if they were getting any bigger. This is the one from the back of my leg

(tiny so it doesn’t make anyone nauseus haha, but its about two inches long….)

So I might have to head to the doctors today for antibiotics, and Mr Flowers will be here this afternoon…..ohhhh geez. Never a dull day in this house haha

Before he gets here, my friend Jessica (who moved to California last year, and is no BACK in Illinois) is coming over to go for a walk with me and Andrew. I need to get out of the house!

(us at fast eddies, during happier times haha)

Question for you:

Are you allergic to anything?

-I am not allergic to anything, but I guess now I can say bee stings…… haha

The past few days…..

I was suppose to work Thursday and Friday, but my tooth had other expensive and painful plans. I have had trouble w/ this one tooth before, after just around this time last year.

Two mornings ago, I was woken to extreme pain in my tooth. I took some pain meds, and then I had to decide if I was going to go to work or not. (it hurt THAT bad).

After only 4 hours of sleep, lots of tears, and a call, I decided not to go to work, but to make it to the dentist. Ibprofen was just not cutting it, and they couldn’t squeeze me in until 2pm. AHHHHH.

After sleeping A LOT, getting some xrays, the dentist told me I had some much swelling around the tooth. My left cheek was HUGE. I tried to get a picture

not the best picture of me, but I was in a bit of pain

I stopped to get a milk shake, they make you better right?!?! I also got antibiotics and vicoden

I. Hate. Vicoden. It makes me so sick! So I had to decide if I was going to be nauseus or have tooth pain. I decided on the nausea.

So I had to deal with the pain ALL of thursday. Didn’t get much sleep. And then I got 1/2 of my root canal done on Friday morning. I have so much swelling, we have to wait a week for me to go back. GREAAATTTTT.

Luckily, my dad is a super hero! And took me to my appointment. I was so sick. (we had to pull over a few times) There was  no way I could have gone by myself. Vicodin really is the devil. “But that stuff works” my dad said. haha

Friday night I felt better. More dehydrated with a headache. The nausea isn’t so bad, but I haven’t had vicodin since 6am.

Hoping I can work this weekend……..

Question for you:

Have you ever had tooth issues?

What fun things are you doing this weekend?

Work, House, Meds

So I wasnt able to go to work today. Still feeling like I got run over by a truck (maybe a few times)

Instead I slept till 1130, and then dragged myself to my new house where my dad and younger brother were working on my kitchen.

Dont ever leave men in your house, they will TEAR IT APART!

hahaha jk. They are pulling EVERYTHING out of my kitchen to redry wall. The guy before did a HORRIBLE job. so its all coming down. Then Im painting the cabinets white and getting a new countertop…….Im painting the kitchen yellow, so NO IDEA what color countertop (ideas welcome!)

Later in the evening, I was feeling even worse!

Arent you suppose to get better as the day goes on?

So I went to the ergent care center here in the LOU. And got this fancy bracelet! haha


Anyway its off to bed for me! I hope these meds start working ASAP!

Question for you:

Do you go on antibiotics? Or try to wait out the storm with some good o’ home remedies?

-Im not big on antibiotics, but can tell when Im not going to kick it to the curb myself.