For just ten minutes

Over the past few weeks (while I have been waiting for my strength to return), I DREAMEDDD about working out again. I knew that when I overdid it working on the yard outside, earning me a pinched nerve in my neck, I needed to take it slow. But I wasn’t sure what.

The thing is, I was starting to feel subconscious again. My clothes were on the tighter side, the carbs were out of control, and I was feeling floppy ( know what I mean? haha) So when Andrew and I met his dad for lunch one day, I noticed he had lost a bit of weight. We began talking about workouts and eating healthy (who is this guy? haha) and He mention T 25. I knew that I wouldn’t be up to that right away, but maybe just do what I could. I just didn’t want to hurt myself. Then he mentioned the 10 minute workouts from Beachbody group that he would lend me. Sounds good to me! (I am not associated with the group, the opinions are all my own!)

On Thursday, I broke out the DVDs and got moving! The program is set up for a full month, with three programs a day that each last 10 minutes. If you can’t do all three, just do two or one! So when I got started, I said I would see how I felt and go from there.


Day 1: Cardio, Lower body, and Abs

~ This actually went really well! I was sweating and breathy heavy, but not like I would die or I couldn’t finish. I felt strong! The ab workout I took lots of breaks because of my surgery and incisions. Even though they are healed, I didn’t want to do anything silly. Or push it too hard! I finished all three 🙂

Day 2: Total body, Cardio, Lower body

~ I was really sore after day 1! The next day I worked a 12 hour shift, so no workout that day. So on Saturday, I woke up and got this workout right out of the way! The lower body and cardio totally got me moving and my legs nice and sore!


~~~~UPDATE SO FAR~~~~~~

I am LOVING the workouts. Super easy to have them at my house. I used to workout at home, but wasn’t getting motivated, so the gym was what I needed. Now, the home workouts are perfect! they are hard, but not impossible. I look forward to working out, and feeling strong! I also have my son’s dad and Angela checking on me! It is helping a lot!

I’ll be back with more on Monday!

Question for you:

Have any good workouts this week?

Would you rather work out at home, at the gym, or some other setting?


When all there is to do is PIN

With LOTS of time on my hands, I have been reading, walking, catching up shows, and of course checking out pinterest. Even though I don’t have much energy to cook, and I still can’t lift over 10 lbs, so many of these pins will be for the future 🙂

Just click the picture for the link

~ New Workouts ~

532e6b2a16b1ee34b990300d3e2f608d.jpg 216×432 pixels~

CrossFit Travel WODs


~Wedding Fashion~

OH.. This color is fantastic! - Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Pink Sleeveless Bead Belt Chiffon Sundress

Bridesmaid Jewelry Name Bracelet Sterling by vintagestampjewels, $28.00

~Wedding hair~

Perfect bridesmaid hair! Elegant, and soft like wedding hair should be!


Bridesmaid hair. Bridesmaids can do whatever they would like as long as there is a braid in their hair.

~Spring Fashion~


"Yellow, Navy, and Tortoise" by classically-preppy on Polyvore



Color of the year + aqua.

~Paleo Recipes~

Paleo Hungry Man Sweet Potato Casserole



Homemade Buffalo Chicken Nuggets I Tastes of Lizzy T I   Paleo, grain free, gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free!

~Spring Cleaning~

Spring Cleaning List
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Question for you:

My brother is getting married in one month (hence the wedding pins). I am a bridesmaid, and I have been looking for hair style ideas. SO should I wear it down, or put it up?

















Wedding Weekend Workout

Life has been absolutely insane the past couple of days, and I can’t even think were to begin…….

Well, I will tell you about today haha

My cousin is getting married later today, and Andrew is in the wedding! (he looks so good in his tux)

I still think this is funny


So I woke up early to get a workout in! I started with this ten minute workout

And finished up with part of this workout (I just did the light blue)


I loved both workouts! I was huffing and puffing in the first one, and the second one I put on pitbull on pandora, and got moving! This song kept me going

Then it was breakfast time, with a BIG iced coffee from Mcdonalds (Im going to need it today!)


Now we are off to get ready, just hoping it stops raining

Question for you:
How did you start your day?