Baby and dog sitting

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days, between work and not having much to say I didn’t want to bore you.

I also have been staying busy doggie sitting, and baby sitting.


The twins are two months old and really interacting more


Of course that means, my house is a mess. OH WELL! Better to live in a messy house, than spend life cleaning constantly 🙂

I also made it to the gym for spin class today, I was a red sweaty mess!!


Then I felt bad for all the girls who come to the gym with a full set of make and their hair down and curled!!! (yep. they still exist haha)

Andrew and I also ran to Big Lots and got tons of stuff for xmas, and even some new pans for baking!


I also snacked on these bad boys.


I love the ones from trader joe’s, so I had to see about these. They were only a buck 🙂

Well thats about it, I have been staying busy, eating great (less than 80g of carbs a day!) and getting to the gym. And I lost 2lbs this week! Now I am going to read and take some much needed me time 🙂

Question for you:

How do you squeeze in me time?

Big Lots shopper?

Day off at home

The past few weeks, I have been picking up a lot of extra shifts. Which is great on the bank account, but not so much at home.

But luckily today, not only did a get a ton done at home, but I also had a few visitors


This guy was my buddy for most of the day (his sister slept most of the day)


I even had time to set up a new piece of furniture in the living room


Even before I picked them up, I headed to the gym. I have been trying to get in some GREAT workouts. Not necessarily LONG workouts, but SWEATY ones haha

P1080451And today was another good one

Baby stuff was everywhere!


And I had a blast taking  care of them, not overwhelmed or stressed at all. Can’t wait till next week

Question for you:

Do you get stressed with lots on your plate?

Jam Packed Sunday

Another on the go Sunday, with only a few quiet moments in between. My calendar is jam packed! (just like mardi gras weekend)


First, I started out with a ten minute workout. I have been doing HORRIBLE in the food department (since the flu of ’13) and workouts have been none (since the repeat flu of ’13)


Today was going to start off different, and I had ten minutes to spare

Then it was breakfast time!


Eggs, pancakes, and sausage (but I didn’t eat the sausage) I think I need more color in my breakfast……

Andrew and I then headed off to church and I meet some of the members! More on this later…

THEN I GOT THE MOST AMAZING!!!!! NEWS! My friend Chrissy is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She called to let us know that Derek proposed last night! I cried, laughed, and smiled the whole way home. Just thinking about it makes me grin 🙂

Next. Lunch because Andrew and I don’t skip a meal haha.


The rest of the day does not include many pictures. Andrew had a basketball game, and then Andrew and I drove over to babysit four  kiddos along with my friend Shannon (and by Andrew babysitting, I mean he helped throw toys, and eat three bags of popcorn. hahaha)


Leaving the house at 8:30, and not getting home to 8pm was a bit of a day. But all of it was amazing, and it went by so fast! (I just wish I could stay in my pjs through it all haha)

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?