Diggin’ in the dirt

The past few days have been busy with the preparations for this weekend.

On Friday, Andrew and I will have a very special one year old staying with us for 6 days!

I am beyond exciting, and already have some of his things


This is only part of it haha. I forgot how much room babies take up


My dad and I also tore apart the backyard because this weekend we are putting up a fence

(and by WE I mean my brothers, dad, cousin, and a few of my parents neighbors)

We had to take down the fence, saw the other poles down, and pull up the rock

IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1946

90 degree weather + a billion degree humidity….I got MIGHTY sweaty

The garage is also filled with stuff (I carried those 80lb bags. I make my OWN crossfit workouts haha)


But of course, I did find these beauties

IMG_1949 IMG_1958


Question for you:
Would you rather take care of a day old baby? or a teenager?

Staying Busy

Things have been a bit crazy and a little bit of a roller coaster over here.

due to my tears, I tried to stay busy, and my mom was a big help

It was in the 80s here in st louis!!! So I took the beautiful weather as an opportunity to attack the back yard

This is the only backyard BEFORE picture I could find…

I took out all the wood, and started leveling the ground.

And I did it all by myself! YEA for strong ladies!! (covered in dirt haha)

My mom, Andrew, and I all went shopping at the GAP outlet. I got two pairs of pants and vest for me.

Andrew’s vest is green. doesn’t it look about my size?!?!! geez. he is getting so big

Question for you:
What are you doing this weekend?

What do you do to stay busy?

Trip to the dermatologist

Yesterday, I was feeling back in the game! I have only been taking vitamin D for 5 weeks now, but I feel awesome! My energy is coming back~ WAHOOOOOO

The day started w/ a trip to the gym. I didn’t have much time, so I stuck w/ the interval training for 40 minutes on the treadmill

Next, was a trip to the dermatologist. I read Alyssa’s blog at Life of Bliss, and within the past few months she was diagnosised w/ skin cancer. And just a few moles that looked normal! She had them removed, and it seems that she is doing well

Which is great news! But it got me thinking. I use to tan A LOT. I also LOVVEEEE going to the beach and laying out. ( I did not do this on our most recent trip) I knew I needed to get checked out.

Dont you just love the hosptial gowns……….haha

Luckily, I got a clean bill of health! I was extremely excited about that!

No time to dwell, it was time to work on the main floor bathroom (and by this, I mean my dad and brother). We have the floor in!!!!

While I cleaned the backyard, mowed and trimmed the grass. For 3 hours!!

Man. I was beat!

Question for you:

How is the weather were you are? What are you doing w/ all this nice weather?

Veggie overload

Today started off with getting Andrew to school, and then a much needed nap.

(last night and this morning I had this HORRIBLE headache. For the most part that means Im dehydrated and its time for bed.)

So breakfast was at 10am. (NICCCEE)

egg,PB, banana sandwich

 remember yesterday’s yoga class? Well my shoulder muscles are on FIRE! I don’t have much upper body strength, and can now see how yoga is so worth it! (in many ways)

So no upper body workout today. Instead I went to the gym and did the treadmill intervals for two miles. Then waked a mile at a high incline. Got extremely sweaty! I was going to go to target after, but needed to shower (as a courtesy to the other shoppers haha)

Goodies from target!

 I had a coupon for 12 dozen free eggs, and a dollar off the Light n Fit yogurt.

I also got some Xmas cards (I know Im ahead of the game, but they are really cute!)

 Now I just need a picture of me and Andrew (let me know if you want one! haha)

I also got these awesome pumpkin candles for the mantel!


 My dad also worked on my sidewalk that we started working on FOREVER ago.

 Well we needed to cut some of the stepping stones. But I first had to buy the blade and my dad said it was a lot easier than he thought (YEA!)


 Now we will have to just even them out, and lay the rest of the them. Looks SO much better than when I moved it.

Dinner was pasta, chicken, and every veggie I could find.


 I was craving veggies- can you believe that? Red pepper, carrots, and broccoli. All, I had to add was parmesan cheese. DELICIOUS!

 Question for you:

Do you like veggies or fruit?

Do you ever crave certain foods?

Before and After Pictures

 Nope. I didn’t fall off the end of the earth.

Ive been doing some painting and yard work, on top of working.



Then after work, I have been sanding and priming my kitchen.

AFter the sanding, before the primer!



So basically my days including:

– getting up at 545.

– Taking my son to daycare and getting to work around 645.

-Working till 730

-Painting kitchen till 11

– bed

Notice not much sleep in there?


I ALSO have an updated on the conversations I have been having with my son’s dad.p>

Anyone even care?? haha

Ok. Well we are now both singles and both talking. who knows what will happen, but I feel happy

I hope you all have been having a great week! More pictures to come- the yellow goes on the walls tomorrow!!!!