Pinterest inspiration

Pinterest is pretty darn awesome. unless you are my brother…. because the bathroom redo all started with pinterest, went to knocking down the walls, and ended up pretty awesome!

Here is where I got my inspiration

bathroom 2

I finally got shelves, a mirror, and picture frames put up


The decorations came from here as well


My decorations and starting point



It is a work in progress….


Not done yet silly brother haha


Pinterest Living room

living room

So far in my house…..

IMG_1237 IMG_1238

(ignore the legos. I do. haha)

I am SUPER happy with it! Every time I walk by I scream “OHHH I just love it!” haha

SOOOO thankful for my handymen (my brother and dad!)

Now its time for the Easter bunny to stuff eggs 🙂

Question for you:

Who is your handyman in your house?

-I can paint like no other haha

Tomorrow is a new day

This day did not go as planned, and put me in a bad mood.

I was PLANNING on getting up early to go for a 3 mile run. Instead, I woke up in pain. My right calf muscle is in a knot! It hurts to walk down the stairs, I basically have to hobble down them haha. Damn gastrocnemius

I know why. I have been working my legs really hard for weeks, and the stretching has been minimal.

note to self: stretch!!!! It’s important! (annie and I have been talking that we need to add pilates or yoga to our workouts each week)

I also slept horrible and lead to neck pain. So I can’t look to the left. seriously, I’m falling apart!


OK. OK. on to the good stuff! enough complaining!!

My brother and dad worked all day getting the trim, chair rail, and floor boards put in the bathroom. It looks amazing!

I also had a dinner of ice cream.

It was perfect. I am now going to get a good night sleep. Run tomorrow before work. And go to work in a MUCH better mood, because tomorrow is going to be a good day!

Question for you:
what do you do when your day isn’t going as planned?

How do you turn your frown upside down? haha

Sunny Sunday

I hope everyone had a grea Sunday! Andrew and I started out our day with pancakes and church.

We then headed to the pool with my mom and nephew. And Andrew went down the big slide for the first time!

First, I went down

Then Andrew!

We had to head home, so I could paint. The bathroom better be ready soon-I’m running out of paint! haha

After, a family dinner at my parents house, it finally rained! The weather here has been over 100 each day!

My flowers show just how dry and hot it has been!

Andrew and I found this funny video right before bed, and of course wordpress won’t let me attach it- but enjoy!

Question for you:

How did you spend your weekend?

Is anyone feeling tired and drained from all this heat!?!?!

The longest Home Depot trip EVER

This morning started with a nice and easy three miles on the treadmill. But it wasn’t very pretty, I was exhaused. Work, the circuits, and training for a full marathon are starting to take a toll.

After that, my brother and my dad came over and we headed to Home Depot. We were there VERY! But got A TON of stuff to finish up the bathroom.

Today we just got the wainscoting paneling up on the wall.

I need to paint it and the trim on Sunday

The walls have definitely changed!

Question for you:

How did you spend your Friday?

Do you have a lot on your plate? what is going on? 

Tuesday Randoms

My day was a little bit all over the place. But that keeps things interesting 🙂

Tiffany, Angie and I have been emailing about this marathon. Of course, I found this and immediately thought of them

How about something funny?

I can’t believe how awesome the bathroom floor looks! My brother put the grout down today, and I will seal it Thursday. Then the rest of the walls and trim will go up 🙂

I had this “little friend” visit me. It scared me and was HUGE! The size of a sand dollar

I get to take care of these tomorrow….Wish I could stop my mail so I don’t get bills anymore haha

Perfect snack after an awesome workout! Thats right! I worked 12 hours than went to the gym (more on that tomorrow)!

This stuff is awesome!

Question for you:

What is your favorite post workout snack?

I am my mother’s daughter

SOOOOOOOO remember the bathroom and how I was painting it ALLLL last weekend.

Well, I changed the colors. I know. I know.
But I woke up today, and noticed why I loved the colors.

They look EXACTLY like Andrew’s room. Blue and tan.
The look I ORIGINALLY wanted was an off white with a blue grey accent wall. Kind of like this..

So it was back to the paint store. After several options later….I left with TWO blues and one white
Now this was before and after

Much better right?!?!!? Well in person it DEFINITELY is. I already have the approve from my dad and friend Annie. My younger brother Michael (who helps with ALL my projects) was not to happy when I texted him this morning I was changing the colors.

He is laying the tile tomorrow! Maybe he is afraid I will change my mind on that too. I guess anything is possible!

Question for you:
What is your favorite color?

-obviously mine is tan and blue haha. No really, I like pink a lot

What are you doing this weekend?