Last Michigan post (I promise)

This post is just going to be photo heavy (I apologize) I just couldn’t decide which to keep and ones to not

I really miss Michigan 😦

But here are some flashbacks!

Each morning or evening, Andrew and I would go for walks on the beach or to the lighthouse

P1070515b P1070522b P1070570b P1070571b P1070578b P1070580b P1070585b


We also worked on Andrew learning to ride his bike oh help me, with  my cousin’s and her boysfriend’s help.

P1070587b P1070586b

Of course, there was the amazing beach

P1070625b P1070628b P1070620b P1070559b P1070622b

Thanks for keeping up till the end 🙂



Beach Bum

I swear I don’t have many more posts about the lovely beach, and how much I miss it haha

Besides getting sick with a 102.8 degree fever, and having to start antibiotics, it was a great trip. Although St Louis’ weather is in the 70s and really nice!


playing at the beach


I <3 mom
I ❤ mom
we had big waves one day. Andrew with papa
we had big waves one day. Andrew with papa
cousins relaxing
cousins relaxing
andrew, beach boy
andrew, beach boy
night of lots of veggies!
night of lots of veggies!
Our pet frog haha
Our pet frog haha


family at the beach one night. my brother was fishing
family at the beach one night. my brother was fishing


my future house haha
my future house haha
 cool ride for the week haha
cool ride for the week haha



The one thing I will change would be to bring my bike. I didn’t get much exercise, and I was definitely feeling it when I got home. Although, my body probably appreciated the rest (just not the million M&Ms)

Question for you:

What is one thing or person you miss right now?

-Andrew is at the lake with his dad. He has been gone for 2 days. I think I missed him the night he left haha. Luckily, he will be back on Sunday! HIS BIRTHDAY!

Sand, Sun, and feeling at home

After driving to Mississippi, it was time to make it to the beach!

First, we made it through my favorite underwater tunnel in Mobile Alabama


After sitting in HOURS of traffic, we FINALLY made it!!!

We unpacked the car, and headed to the beach!!! Riding in our OWN sweet golf cart


(weird angle of me, but my nephew’s face is awesome!)

on the way!




I am officially home 😉

Some of My favorite pictures


IMG_1612 IMG_1611

don’t worry, still more to come!


Question for you:
What is your favorite place to visit?



Beach Vacation Survey

Right now, I’m on the road!!! I can not express how much I have been looking forward to fresh air, and getting out of St Louis. I always feel rejuvenated after our beach vacation, now I just have a few hours standing between me and the gulf 🙂

I saw this survey on mealsandmoves and thought it was a good one!

Current Book: I actually need some ideas for the beach! send you suggestions!

Current music: I just heard Dont Ya by Brett Eldredge. LOVE IT!

Current guilty pleasure: Starbucks 🙂


Current nail color:  I’m not sure the name, but I just got a pedicure with my mom, and they match my flowers 🙂


Current drink: good o’ water (after my starbucks….I did have a coupon though! haha)


Current food: This morning I had a big bowl of oats, now its time to decide what to do for lunch….


Current favorite show: I love Dancing with the Stars, sadly it just ended

dancing with the stars

Current wish list: travel with just me and Andrew out West, try crossfit, and volunteer with Andrew with animals

Current needs: To stop coughing, apparently I caught it from my nephew (who now has pneumonia….)

Current celebrity crush: I think you guys all know about this one….

channing tatum 2

Current indulgence:  besides starbucks, it is definitely ice cream


Current blessing: The ability to take a vacation with my whole family, and take 2 weeks off work


Current outfit:I don’t have a picture of me, but I am wearing this outfit


Current excitement: Leaving to go to the beach (and not head back to work till June 6th!)

Current mood: alittle under the weather (darn nephew. haha)

Current link: Oh my. I have a few. Youtube.  A few blogs I need to read: Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, and Fuelbylolz

Alrighty, time to get back to driving (haha just kidding)

Question for you:

What is one your “current”?

What book should I read while laying on the beach?

Before and After: bathroom #2

I know we are working on the bathroom on the main floor, but I have to show you the second bathroom.

And no I didn’t take down any walls or title (I think my  brother would kill me)

In November, I put up some shelves that I had from college, and placed some great beach stuff on the shelves. Well those darn command strips……didn’t last.

Today, my brother was nice enough to show me how to hang things when the walls are plaster (I will always hate plaster)




I also got this from good o’ Big Lots.

I just added some sand and shells

I promise you all, this is the only remodeling for this room haha


long lost michigan pictures

remember how I lost my camera in michigan, was sad about it, and then found it the same day my parents bought me a new one?? haha.

Well here are a few of those pictures. We went to Michigan in August 2011. It was awesome

One of my favorite nights, was having mexican. It was the kids night to cook.

And there was plenty of Coronas to go around

We also got Andrew to dress up! Isn’t he cute!

The next day, My dad and I also took Andrew on a bike ride.

Andrew MIGHT have stolen my camera during the ride

I might need to put this one of the frig so I stay away from the food (I have a booty. Its all good haha)

We also had dinner out w/ the family.

This is Andrew with his godmother Jill ( also my cousin and friend since I was born. she is five months older)

They were trying to be a two headed monster. pretty good right?!?! haha

well I think that wraps up michigan now haha. Im so glad I have my camera back!

Question for you:

Do you like mexican? Whats your favorite Mexican food?


Today I got some major sun!

My day started at 6:30 before everyone got up. I couldnt sleep. I was having a rough night and went to bed WAY before everyone else.  I actually REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go for a run. I was feeling a little down in the dumps. So early in the AM I went for a 10 mile bike ride. It was perfect and exactly what I needed.

Andrew didnt get up till 830. this is how he started his morning

then we head to the beach……..

for 5 hours…..

I played cards with andrew, read my new book (LOVE IT) and had BBque for dinner.

Then it was time for dessert!




and this is how I ended my night.

I am having a MUCH better day. Its amazing how crabby and sad I can be if I dont work out or do something active!

The food I ate, MAY be a different story. But I burned 500 calories on my bike ride!

Question for you:

Do you get crabby when you don’t exercise?

We made it!

After TWO a million days driving, we finally made it to the beach!

This is how my morning started : banana PB oatmeal and a pancake. And LOTS of coffee

Andrew got to swim, while we waiting for my brother and his gf to meet up with us (they left St Louis last night)

Insert trip to the Gap outlet. Yes. another Gap. where im pretty sure I had a mental break down. (but that can wait)

Then it was taco bell time, and hitting the road! But before we could get to the beach we had one stop.

we all went for a ride on the sand dunes. It was fun, andrew loved it and got to sit by the driver

Ok. I lied. We had one more stop (this tends to happen with my family haha)

we pulled over at the lookout for some pictures


Man I look good after two days in a car!


Thats 108 steps, if you wanted to know

Then it was finally time to get into town, unpack the car, get groceries, and get dinner. But andrew and I had to get to the lake ASAP!

thats probably my favorite picture 🙂

After getting the very tired crabby kiddo to bed, I got into this

 and started my new book “on mystic lake”

Appropriate?!?! I think so too- NIGHT!



I <3 the Beach!

More beach time!

My adorable 1 year old nephew

Dad just chillin’

Sand castle time!

My brother and his son

It was the perfect day at the beach.

Question for you:

What kind of swim suit do you like to wear?

-I wear I tankini top, and regular bottoms. One day I hope to wear a bikini……someday